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I've been neglecting my blogs for several days - just haven't felt like posting anything so I haven't. There isn't a lot going on anyway, so no big deal - for me anyway - in not posting anything.

But, I did receive the full amount as promised by the ex-Marine - he is fully paid up through the end of April and I am in a little better place financially to make some payments I have put off. I had the money, I just didn't want to dip into anything further than what I already had, when an emergency comes up, you must have the ability to deal with it.

BTW, Today is April 1st - or April Fool's Day - if you are so inclined, of course, take great liberties at someone else's expense, lol.

My attention has been drawn off to this border situation and that apparent fact that the Federal Government is ignoring pleas from governors of states such as mine - Arizona - for help in getting more National Guard down there. They're so hell-bent on health-care and spending …