Thursday, April 1, 2010


I've been neglecting my blogs for several days - just haven't felt like posting anything so I haven't. There isn't a lot going on anyway, so no big deal - for me anyway - in not posting anything.

But, I did receive the full amount as promised by the ex-Marine - he is fully paid up through the end of April and I am in a little better place financially to make some payments I have put off. I had the money, I just didn't want to dip into anything further than what I already had, when an emergency comes up, you must have the ability to deal with it.

BTW, Today is April 1st - or April Fool's Day - if you are so inclined, of course, take great liberties at someone else's expense, lol.

My attention has been drawn off to this border situation and that apparent fact that the Federal Government is ignoring pleas from governors of states such as mine - Arizona - for help in getting more National Guard down there. They're so hell-bent on health-care and spending trillions of dollars they don't seem to give a damn about our nation's borders, security and safety. Although a tragedy to see that rancher killed down there, it is almost as if he is a martyr for the cause since it made national headlines. How can Obama and his administration ignore it now? Well, I'm sure he can if he wants to.

From my view of it, Obama is the worst president that has EVER occupied the White House, hands down. George Bush doesn't come anywhere NEAR the incompetency this man has in occupying that space - that's all he's really doing, occupying a space. He doesn't have the mind or the experience to deal with what's going on in our country or the world. More and more, the word "Socialism" is being thrown around in identifying his ultimate agenda. Sooner or later, they are going to try to come after our guns. I hope they do, that will signal the end of this nonsense as the uproar against him and anyone attempting to do so will be the end of any hope he might have for a second term.

I received a card from the Census - they want people to do temporary jobs for Census taking. I am going to call them and see if I can do that on weekends - they pay $15 per hour which isn't bad money and it's only a 2-month stint. I REALLY want to keep saving up for the ceramic tile. I have NOT dipped into that fund and I'm hoping I won't have to. I have X amount of money coming out automatically on a weekly basis from my main checking account going into that fund which is now closing in on $300. I figure I'll need around a grand to do it myself, a couple grand I guess if I'm going to pay someone to do it for me.

I don't know how to do it is the point, but everyone I talk to says it's easy. Yes, well I'd hate to shell out that much money and screw it up. Unfortunately, at the rate this fund is going, I'm probably going to end up replacing the living room carpet with that money and then start the fund all over again for the tile.

Well, my time is running out before I have to sign into work here. Michael left me a note this morning begging to get back onto the computer. For reasons which I will not go into here I have all but permanently banned him from it. He's been off for over 2 months now. I am NOT in the mood to allow him back on it, either, after what I found he had done on and through it. So, NO will be my response to him. What he did was nothing short of outrageous on the thing.

Weather is cooling back down considerably - it was 88 the other day and yes, the AC was running during that heat. The tenants in the trailer received a gift of a Mastercool cooler for the thing which will save boocoo bucks on electricity. It just needs a few parts and a filter - the most expensive thing - and it's ready to go. Mastercool is the best in the business, in case you didn't know, getting a used one in great condition for free is pretty awesome, actually.

Anyway, have a good day, I'm outta here.


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