Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday - At Last!!

So, the ex-tenant shows up for his stuff yesterday with a 3 year old boy. Didn't know he had a son. He doesn't, he replies - it's his new roommate's kid. Whatever. He hands me the money and I let him go to town on getting his stuff out of there, while I - by default - had to entertain this kid.

Anyway, I informed him that his ex-employer had called me and wanted to buy his stuff back at a greater price that whan he, the ex-tenant, was going to pay me. The offer wasn't even tempting, I wouldn't do that to a person. The ex-employer was going to hold his stuff hostage until he paid back what he owes. Ex-tenant says he doesn't owe him anything and conversely, that guy owes HIM money. Don't know, don't really care, he got his stuff back from me and that is the end of it. I'm glad the stuff is gone. He gave me 2 brand new lampshades - dunno man, stuff like this happens when people move out, they feel the need to give me things. Well, they are good looking shades, I am going to chuck the 2 shades on the lamps in my bedroom and replace them with those.

I have acquired to rooms full of furniture from tenants who did not want the stuff and that is how I am easier able to attract new tenants: furnished rooms.

Friday. I dunno why, but this week has seemed like it has just dragggggged by. I am ready for a weekend at this point. There is a day's full of work in our truck routing system. Should be interesting because I am several hours over my allotted time right now and would have to leave early - very early - to bring the hours to 70 for 2 weeks.

Of course, I usually throw something from the news in here. This is a new - and alarming - one: Mexicans coming across our borders and seeking political asylum because of the violence along the border towns from the drug cartels. How many hundreds of thousands of them will come streaming across the border if we allow this to start happening? I'm even more curious as to when, exactly, the Mexican government is going to deal with this problem and END it. The drug cartels, that is. I'm sorry those people are going through all of that, but this nation cannot afford the freebie handouts that will ensue with all these people getting free housing, food and health coverage. Funny I have to pay through the nose, literally, for health care coverage but these people can come in here and get great care - for free.

Enough of that. This nation is distressed, at the least, right now is all I can say about it. There are a lot of things coming from a lot of different angles at us and I don't believe our current government has the ability to effectively deal with it.

Anyway, the work day is approaching, a freight truck is already here and I must get offa here.


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