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Friday - At Last!!

So, the ex-tenant shows up for his stuff yesterday with a 3 year old boy. Didn't know he had a son. He doesn't, he replies - it's his new roommate's kid. Whatever. He hands me the money and I let him go to town on getting his stuff out of there, while I - by default - had to entertain this kid.

Anyway, I informed him that his ex-employer had called me and wanted to buy his stuff back at a greater price that whan he, the ex-tenant, was going to pay me. The offer wasn't even tempting, I wouldn't do that to a person. The ex-employer was going to hold his stuff hostage until he paid back what he owes. Ex-tenant says he doesn't owe him anything and conversely, that guy owes HIM money. Don't know, don't really care, he got his stuff back from me and that is the end of it. I'm glad the stuff is gone. He gave me 2 brand new lampshades - dunno man, stuff like this happens when people move out, they feel the need to give me things. Well, they a…