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Easter Sunday

A very nice day spent with my brother, his son, my son and my mother at my mom's house in Sun City. This is the original Sun City - the horse properties, the expensive homes, the nice area. Mom made a very tasty dinner - as usual for her - she is a great cook and I have always admired her ability as such. I have attempted to follow in her footsteps - I think I will always look at her as my cooking hero : )

I am not gay, btw, if that's what brings that statement to mind. I also like growing flowers because - God made them and they are beautiful and smell wonderful. I like plants and having a property full of them. I like God's creation - He created these things, we are inclined to like His creation in all the many facets that that entails. There is a huge difference, in my mind if no-one else's, in looking at a house that has all kinds of vegetation versus a house that has none or very little.

I find it far more unnatural to have a barren property than to have so…

Fresh And Easy Grocery Stores: GREAT Customer Service!

Let's get off of the subject of Fry's/Krogers and Walmart Supercenters. Well, we may throw the names in the discussion, but the focus will be on the Fresh and Easy grocery chain. Not sure how long ago - maybe 3 years? .....that Fresh and Easy started to move into town. They started building and building and building -- or taking over existing structures and completely re-doing them - until they had stores all over the place.

The nearest one to me is 4 miles away.

I have not been shopping at Fresh and Easy very long, they haven't BEEN here very long. In contrast, I have been shopping at Fry's Food Stores since 1974 and I have been shopping at Walmart Supercenters off and on for the last 10 or so years. I have almost completely given up on buying anything at Walmart simply because of the HORRIFIC customer service issues that are to be found there in a shopper's nightmare of neglect; abusive treatment and even total dissing, right to your face. I go, on averag…

Fry's Food Stores Service Issues (Ongoing "Discussion)

I have written about customer service issues at Fry's Food Stores for quite some time now. The point? If they are not motivated to do anything about it themselves, perhaps some negative exposure to the entire world WILL. I have seen many Google searches for Fry's service coming here on the Feedjit software to the side of my blog. This is some kind of indication that SOMEBODY else must also be interested in seeing things change at Fry's Food Stores, even if in ever so small, incremental steps.

My latest round of emails were sent to all kinds of individuals within the Kroger's corporate structure. Whether any of those people read those emails and did anything (besides dump them into the recycle bin on their computer), I have no idea. The form I filled out through customer input on their website did get someone's attention. I believe they always respond to whatever comes their way through that forum.

This time, I received a reply email from a lady, after that I got…