Tuesday, April 6, 2010


To the masses coming here from other places - the masses of those that I know, I should say, not the masses doing Google searches for Cafe World - you are welcomed to read and leave and come back or do whatever you want (but please do not leave nasty messages) - I am using TWO blogs at this point and have been for some time now. I write in both of them. I do that because each one has a different feel to it.

I don't know how to explain it, but one blog is on a small site that and this blog is a universe of site - how many millions of people have Blogger accounts? I don't necessarily have a favorite, either, but I do use this blog for entries about corporations or things that I want to be able to have Googled and the masses able to find it. You may have noticed my Cafe World entries; Grocery store entries; all kinds of stuff. I also started something about dogs and want to continue with that as well.

My other blog is almost purely personal stuff. I do that here, too, but it is not JUST that. I have SEVERAL - MORE - blogs that I write in occasionally. Prolly no-one knows about those because they are incognito. Purely diary type stuff that is available to the world, the world, however, doesn't have a clue who is writing it. In fact, one of them I completely change my writing style so that no-one that may know me will be able to figure it out. Why? Cause' I feel like it. No, really, there are simply some things I would like to be able to express freely about certain subjects and not be found as the author. Nothing crass, illegal or gross, just life, really. This particular blog here - well - I know there are some people that are coming here that I simply am not going to reveal that much information about my personal life to. Nuff said.

Just sayin. I'm not out to offend anyone, if you are offended for some reason, bring it to my attention. If it's something I should apologize for, then I will. If it is not, I will tell you such.

Anyway, this is a clarification for purposes I will not reveal, either, but wanted to get that out there.

Work day is here, I must be-gone.



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