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To the masses coming here from other places - the masses of those that I know, I should say, not the masses doing Google searches for Cafe World - you are welcomed to read and leave and come back or do whatever you want (but please do not leave nasty messages) - I am using TWO blogs at this point and have been for some time now. I write in both of them. I do that because each one has a different feel to it.

I don't know how to explain it, but one blog is on a small site that and this blog is a universe of site - how many millions of people have Blogger accounts? I don't necessarily have a favorite, either, but I do use this blog for entries about corporations or things that I want to be able to have Googled and the masses able to find it. You may have noticed my Cafe World entries; Grocery store entries; all kinds of stuff. I also started something about dogs and want to continue with that as well.

My other blog is almost purely personal stuff. I do that here, too, but it …