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Roller Blading

One gets an idea of how bad one is out of shape when one takes on a pair of blades and attempts to go 3 separate rounds with 3 separate dogs. The idea is to get the exercise and to get the dogs burned out.

Well, the dogs are full-fledged running the entire time. I do not allow them to slow down, sniff, bark at other dogs - whatever. I don't want or need to do that. If those dogs - or any individual dog - doesn't want to get with the program, that dog can stay home and I could care less. Prince is on the verge of that disqualifier. He wants to run, but he wants to stop and smell everything. I nearly ended up on my face when he decided to cut in front of me to go into a yard that had a dog out front.

I have very good balance on those things, fortunately, but I must say that after 3 dogs worth, my muscles were giving out. In fact, after the first run my leg muscles were burning - that's cause I took Coco - the Dane/Catahoula mix for a much longer run. She is MUCH eas…


No clue how it got to Wednesday so fast. Really. I slept okay last night - I have been having some really weird dreams that I am waking up out of when the alarm goes off in the morning, hence I am remembering some of them (verus usually not remembering any of them). Today's - would take far too long to go into all of it, but it is another horror flick movie style thing where a group of us were taken hostage, removed to a huge desert compound literally in the middle of nowhere - and the whole story was REALLY strange. I think they were aliens in human form, lol.

In all of this financial chaos I have been going through with non-paying tenants lately, I managed to keep my credit-stained fingers off of the credit cards. I remember an ordeal I was going through last year I think it was - no the year before? Anyway, I was using the gas card frequently and ran that up to $300. For credit, I guess many people think that's nothing. That's huge for me, I hate getting that fa…