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Now they - Obama administration "peoples" - want to impose a National Sales Tax. I'm sorry, doesn't enough of my paycheck go to the Federal Government? Now they want to also add it as an automatically collected sales tax? How do democratic followers of Obamaism feel about THAT little nasty? Tell ya what, they wanna do that, then get rid of ALL the federal taxes that are taken off of my paycheck and I'll be good with it. Where is this all going to end? Hopefully at the polls in November, thank you very much. I have been saying this all along - you can't just keep spending and spending money and not eventually have to come up with some way to pay for all of this nonsense. Hey, November isn't that far off and I ALWAYS welcome November in Arizona cause' it means the end of unbelievably high temperatures and the beginning of a beautiful winter.

Not that the temps are bad here now, but, the house is warming up enough during the day to have to have th…