Thursday, April 8, 2010


Now they - Obama administration "peoples" - want to impose a National Sales Tax. I'm sorry, doesn't enough of my paycheck go to the Federal Government? Now they want to also add it as an automatically collected sales tax? How do democratic followers of Obamaism feel about THAT little nasty? Tell ya what, they wanna do that, then get rid of ALL the federal taxes that are taken off of my paycheck and I'll be good with it. Where is this all going to end? Hopefully at the polls in November, thank you very much. I have been saying this all along - you can't just keep spending and spending money and not eventually have to come up with some way to pay for all of this nonsense. Hey, November isn't that far off and I ALWAYS welcome November in Arizona cause' it means the end of unbelievably high temperatures and the beginning of a beautiful winter.

Not that the temps are bad here now, but, the house is warming up enough during the day to have to have the AC on. I am going to pay to have the air ducts cleaned out - there is a lot of dust that comes into my house and I am sure it is at least partially clogging up the system.

Yet another very weird dream last night. These dreams keep coming. However it got there, there was a HUGE tiger in my living room. It was living there. It had a broken leg and couldn't move. It was on top of one of my Great Danes, using him as a pillow. The Dane was alive - but it was ohhh so weird. This animal was at least 7or 800 pounds. I was terrified of the thing and wondered what it was doing in my living room. There were 2 young tigers in the kitchen. They were sleeping next to my other dogs. That was the jist of the dream. I kept walking in and out of the house, hoping these animals were gone. I did nothing about it (such as calling animal control). I was terrified of the huge lion. Someone else in the house wanted it there, but I don't know who it was. The thing had giant teeth - looking at them up close and personal without bars/a cage separating you is enough to make you pee your pants (I did not, however, wake up to a wet bed, thank you very much). There seemed to be no reason for any of it.

That's it. That was the dream. I woke up with a head full of that stuff. 3 days in a row I've woken up with this stuff going on inside of my head. Dunno, man, it's just plain weird. I'm not a dream analyst or interpretor, but I have some thoughts about what it might all mean, if it means anything, to my "real" life. No time to go into that now - the work day is almost here and I'm getting offa here in a minute or 2.

I should have bypassed the news this morning - seeing that stuff about imposing a Natinal sales tax is quite irritating. QUITE. I give the government enough of my money. I don't wonder if something like this, if actually imposed, is going to make a lot of people start considering ways to cheat on taxes. Who wants to be a criminal? I don't. I won't be cheating, but I will have to find ways to make ends meet even further if this nonsense comes into play.

Well, c'yall later.


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