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Look folks, I have certain beliefs that I try to be constrained by in my walk with the Lord. One of those things is to have as much of a forgiving nature as I possibly can with whoever, regardless of what they have said or done. We're all human - when something happens, especially something in some sort of relationship whether it be a lover; best friend; family member or just an acquaintence, we all handle it differently.

For example, who hasn't been stabbed in the back by someone you know? That is some deep pain there, the hurt can be tremendous and the recovery time can take years. Some people never recover, holding grudges and bitterness in their heart, mind and soul to their graves. I have an oldest brother that is in such a condition with my dad. I contend that it is no more healthy to walk around with that kind of baggage as it is to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day, every day, until you (probably) get cancer and die a horrendous, miserable, painful death.

So her…

Friday!! --- KCL

Look folks, I am not going to sit here and trash KCL, it's owners or the people that participate. I also was NOT trying to attract attention to myself as Susan apparently thinks in her last comment on my blog on KCL. If I wanted attention, then I would post 10 entries a day and go around leaving comments on 100 blogs like some people do over there solely to get traffic going to their blogs.

When I post an entry, it's because it's something I wanted to write out - regardless of whether important, stupid, mundane - whatever - not because I am trying to "attract attention to myself".

I admitted I didn't do something I said I would - the first time it was simple procrastination the second time there was legitimate reasoning but I can't and won't go into the details of any of that since it was a personal exchange through the messaging system. When I was told they don't give a damn if anyone leaves or goes, I decided to leave. Not to attract attent…