Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday - Moving On

I'm going to start moving past this little ordeal with KCL - though I don't know that it's over yet - and simply continue to blog in peace. I will also be writing entries on my "third" blog, one of a few dozen of them, actually.

Today, we end this ordeal of getting this Mastercool evap cooler up and running on that trailer, or at least I hope we do. I want it done because I don't want the electricity to continue to be used at unbelievable rates. The only thing left to do is connect the electric lines, put in a filler plug and hook up the water line.

It was last year that I had a man come over - who ended up bringing his dad with him - to dig a trench clear down the side of the house, to the other side of the property and then back down again. I decided at the time I would want to run an extra water delivery line through there, just in case I would need it for something. Well, here we are, Justin Case, you were needed. That line is in the perfect place to supply water to that evaporative cooler. The cooler doesn't need high pressure water, just a small, 1/4 inch delivery line to attach to the float to keep the reservoir filled.

I am considering seeing if that guy wants to come back and dig another trench. I would like to run a sewer line to that trailer and make it fully "self-serve". They could run water in there and mostly not even have to come into the house as the thing also has a toilet as well. Our yard at work has enough damaged sewer pipe to run the full - somewhere around 160 feet to where I would be able to hook into where the cleanouts are located. The pipe is damaged but not unusable. It has dents in it - meaning it would restrict the flow of sewage if those raised dents were put on the bottom. One need only make sure those dents are at the top and there will be no restriction and the pipe is free.

So, that's today's doings, get that thing running and also continue hooking up feeder lines for drip emittors where needed. I kind of slacked off of that this week, did a few but nothing grand. It's yet another beautiful day outside - just taking all of this in while the taking is there.

I fully expect the non-paying that is now-paying tenant to give me a nice chunk of change on his next paycheck. He flipped me $100 the other day, which brought him down to $400 in arrears, but now he is back up to $500. I would like to see $250 or even $300, but I'd be happy with $200 per week until he is caught up. He has been broke for a while, don't want to take all of his money, I just want him to make a big move towards getting from behind to present. This would help me immensely right.

I always have people asking me how I can handle having all of these people living in my house. Some of these are people that walked from their homes on upside down mortgages or lost jobs or whatever, huge, dramatic circumstances that caused them to lose their homes. Those people are living in rented condos or apartments now, I am not. Those people's credit is totally TRASHED. I have been working on bringing up my credit score for some time. It went WAY down after it showed 120 days late on the mortgage last year, but now I am 8 months running with on-time payments and the score is slowly starting to come back up.

I have hashed this out a few times already on my blogs, but I continue to get asked both online and in "real world". When you simply walk from a house, when, do you think, a bank will EVER allow you to get back into one? Plus, most of these people are going to be forced into bankruptcy or they will have lenders coming after them for HUGE sums of money. I WENT through a bankruptcy once, I hope to NEVER cross that bridge into the abyss again. Bankruptcy affects your credit score for 7 years, is on the record for 10. It REALLY messes with your life. I would attempt to even endure garnishments or whatever before going down that road again.

So, I have the option: keep the tenants or walk from the house. Or, continue to find a part time job. I am, technically, a part-time worker at my company - as are all hourly employees on the 40-hour work week plan. That hour that I lose every day adds up to a lot of money. The 4 hours I lost every week in overtime was HUGE.

I weighed the possible paths that I could begin to travel on. I prayed and thought about this for a long, long time. I figured that I could at least try the tenancy situation, if I didn't like it/couldn't handle it, well, do what everyone else is doing, I guess. Pack my bags, bid the house goodbye and be on my way. I have endured this tenancy business for a while now: it ain't perfect and there are times when I get to the point I can't stand it, but it ain't all bad,either, when considering the alternatives.

I wrote up a letter to send to my mortgage company requesting a principle reduction. I have fine-tuned it and it is almost ready to be sent out. No clue whether they are going to participate in such or not, I will find out soon enough.

The only other deal I have going is that Koi pond that I want. It is just sitting over there, at the neighbor's across the street, doing nothing. It is calling my name - ben, come get me. The neighbor has not ascertained yet whether her daughter wants to sell it, give it away - whatever or not. I am going to try to find out today. I really, really want that thing. It would be a crowning jewel to that side of the house where I would install it.

Well, I must get about today's business, the day ain't growing younger and there is plenty I want to get done.



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