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Saturday - Moving On

I'm going to start moving past this little ordeal with KCL - though I don't know that it's over yet - and simply continue to blog in peace. I will also be writing entries on my "third" blog, one of a few dozen of them, actually.

Today, we end this ordeal of getting this Mastercool evap cooler up and running on that trailer, or at least I hope we do. I want it done because I don't want the electricity to continue to be used at unbelievable rates. The only thing left to do is connect the electric lines, put in a filler plug and hook up the water line.

It was last year that I had a man come over - who ended up bringing his dad with him - to dig a trench clear down the side of the house, to the other side of the property and then back down again. I decided at the time I would want to run an extra water delivery line through there, just in case I would need it for something. Well, here we are, Justin Case, you were needed. That line is in the perfect place to …