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Michael.......and the Bible?!!!

I'm sorry, it hasn't clicked in me for several days. I dunno, maybe 4 days ago, Michael asked if I had a Bible he could read. Of course, it's on my desk, it always is, you are welcomed to read it anytime.

I dunno what's taken over the boy's mind, but obviously, God has something to do with it, I know I don't say much about the subject anymore. I have "preached" to the about the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the last 6 years I have known him - and Anthony as well - but, I don't get pushy. It does no good, at all, to get pushy with anyone about the Lord. God can break through the heart where we mortal souls can't even put a dent.

So, today, it suddenly dawned on me that Michael has been reading the Bible every day since he asked about it. Sometimes for hours on end. I had NOTHING to do with this, either. The seed has long been planted, it's up to the Lord to give it the growth, that is out of my realm and the only thing you ca…


I spent a good deal of time yesterday attempting to get that irrigation system dialed in and done. Yes, I got a lot done, no, it's not done, lol. I decided to go ahead and get the last remaining plants on the sides of the house covered by yet another drip station. I did not, however, even get a start on that. I was putting in line all over the front yard trying to get all the plants, included the potted flowers, serviced. I have a line of plants against the front of the house to go and that should be done. I have a birdbath out front that I am also going to run a line to - with a valve on the line so I can simply fill it up without having to bring the house out there.

Today's venture will be to build the 4th station and run the main line next to those plants already mentioned. I am not even going to bury this line, I just want to get the system out there and doing it's job on these plants along with everything else. Unbelievably, I have already used 400 feet of th…