Monday, April 12, 2010


Allergy season - apparently - as my nose has been running like a train since Saturday. Pretty miserable stuff. One could blame the plethora of plants around my house as cause, but I have been suffering this kind of nonsense since I was 26 years old, regardless what is growing around me.
There is absolutely nothing in the truck routing system. This will be day 3 of no deliveries. I have stuff to do around here, most notably the evaporative coolers - I am taking one of them apart to replace bearings and the other 3 need cleaned out and new pads installed.

I am very distracted this morning and think I will come back to writing later on. There is all kinds of stuff in the news and I want to finish it before I have to sign into work.

If someone asks me if I want to work, I'm going to tell them no.  My manager does this to me sometimes and I'm caught off guard.  I ...