Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Pond

I was going to call it a Koi pond, but those ponds apparently need to be at least 3 feet deep - I don't think either of these ponds are that deep, haven't measured them yet, apparently goldfish and other such can survive in shallower, no big deal.

The offer was too good to pass up. 2 ponds, about 300 gallons total worth of water.

This will be a long project, probably, because there are several things you have to buy first before putting a single drop of water into them. A pump/filter system being the first and foremost. I have started reading about installing the ponds and about what the ponds need to thrive and survive.

My drip system project is almost done. I have the east and south side of the house left to run - and that is halfway there.

This is actually exciting for me - my current projects are running out of steam - not much left to do - and I have several things I still want to get done out there. Since I am pretty much "stuck" in this house for an undetermined period of time, but guessing at least 5 years, I am going to continue with projects as I can afford to do them.

Speaking of water, I found out today that I can run more than one station at a time. I hadn't even thought of the possibility, but didn't do the math, either. A station using 25 psi on a main water system that is around 75 psi should be able to sustain 2 of them going at the same time, thereby reducing my time spent out there making sure everything is going as needed. I had already watered a station before trying that or I would have tried 3 stations at the same time, thereby effectively watering almost the entire property at one, fell swoop.

I will not just turn these things on and go into the house. If I wanted to do that, I would have a timer on them and let them do their thing. The heat that is coming dictates to me to make sure I supervise the watering. I don't mind doing that, even in the heat. When it's that hot, the plants need the daily watering and if one of the emitters isn't working, depending on the plant, good possibility it could whither and die.

And on the heat note, I am glad to have these ponds NOW - it is still nice enough outside to make the digging not so terribly unbearable. My only concern is what to do with the dirt? I have a thought on that, but haven't even got there yet - this weekend I will be starting on the digging project and what to do with the excess dirt.

The digging will totally suck. Prepare myself now. The dirt in my yard is full of rocks, it makes digging by hand an experience. It is GREAT exercise, though, so maybe not so bad.

On a different note, I am seriouslyu thinking about getting back into a gym. Summer is coming and though I am doing some roller-blading here and there, it is not enough. I don't need a lot of motivation - if I'm around people doing the same thing - working out that is - that is enough for me. I would love to have some "personal" music to work out to - but - everything costs money. I'm talking about an ipod - an mp3 player work just as well. I think I am READY to start working out in a gym again. A gym has the specific equipment I am looking for to work on certain muscle groups and also specific aerobic equipment that also gives me what I am looking for.

Not there yet. The cost isn't GREAT, but it would be another drain on my finances. One consolation would be that the place I am thinking about going to has no contracts. Sign up, pay the registration fee, yes, but then it's month to month. It is also on the way home from work - do it then or I won't be doing it.

It should be no surprise to anyone if I come on here and start talking about my daily workouts. An hour a day - that's all I need to do at least 4 days a week. I'm giving it thought, that's all I can say for now. I would love to get back into the condition where I could ride a bicycle clear to work and back every day.

Have to see about that. It's a commitment and though I think I am ready to return to the gym, I am not SURE about it yet. I spent many, many years working out in gyms and I was in excellent condition. Twice I had my body fat measure in the water tank during those years and they both came back with 4.9%. I wasn't skinny, I was lean and toned.

Well, that's enough. I have been reading the politics for a while today - normal garbage. Nothing exciting, some of it is annoying, however.




FINALLY, something to do in the truck routing system! 3 deliveries with a couple of pickups and over 50k worth of product, that helps, quite a lot.

The video posted below was only put there because I have never seen anything like it before. It's a pretty intense slam on McCain's opponent - Hayworth. I have heard the birth certificate rumors since before the election ever took place. We all have. Have we ever seen a birth certificate that clearly identifies him? I don't think so. But, who started these rumors? Dunno - in the world of politics, are bets are off and so are most moral and ethics. Just like this video - it is one of the most intense - and funny - slams I have ever seen in a political race.

The thing that strikes me is you'd think the election was next week or something - McCain is running ad after ad after ad - the polls won't be open til' November 2! I've already decided who I am voting for, all these ads do nothing for me - and probably for most everyone else, either. I always wonder about how much time and money are spent on advertising for these elections. I would think most people are off the fence and decided quite early on who they are going to vote for. It was a no-brainer for me in the McCain v Obama deal - I had never even HEARD of Obama before he came out of the woodwork and suddenly, here is this veritable stranger that is "leading" our country?!!!

I give the man absolutely no credibility after watching the way he has been treating Israel. Go talk to IRAN like that, leave our friends over in Israel alone. Obama appears to be off on his own, saying what he pleases when he pleases to say it without giving any thought to what the majority of the American public want. I doubt the majority wants us slamming Israel and taking them to task because-----they want to build apartments in their OWN friggin' nation - or the so-called "settlement" of Jerusalem. WHO comes up with this stuff, anyway?

Craziness. I'm just along for the ride. I sincerely hope that the November elections will produce what the GOP believes it will because several more years of this nonsense is going to drive me crazy if it continues. I'm no staunch republican, either, but this health-care business and spending trillions of dollars when we HAVE no money is outrageous at best.

Off that subject. I got absolutely nothing done yesterday at home. I mean, I watered stuff and planted a couple of tomato plants but that was it. I realized I did not buy the compression elbows to finish running the 1/2 inch line around the back of the house, do that today.

I also found out about the Koi pond: the lady bought them to use for watering her horses and has no inclination of getting rid of them. Well, I don't know about spending money on such right now, I will probably let that go until I have a little better financial footing.

It IS something that I want to do - it would fit in perfectly over there on the east side of my house. Definitely. That and build a little gazebo type of thing and put my BBQ grill over there with a nice misting system. Misting systems are very cheap, wood for a gazebo could be acquired mostly for free, it's that pond that would end up costing by the time you factor in a pump and fish, plants all that kind of stuff.

Meanwhile, my vines are growing like crazy on the chain link fencing over there. I can't wait until it totally covers that thing up and blots out most of the view of my "neighbors".

Speaking of which, I sent them a letter which should be arriving today. Concerning their dogs - of whom they left unattended for 7 days. I am sure the letter will fall on deaf ears, but I figured to say it anyway. It basically stated that it's not normal to simply isolate yourselves from the rest of the people living around you, that if you weren't so unfriendly I would have taken care of their dogs for them and the fact that I put their dog back into their back yard after the thing was running around all day long, up and down the street, trampling my plants, etc. I ended it with "you're welcome".

Well, the workday approaches and I must be outta here.

C'yall later.


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