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My Pond

I was going to call it a Koi pond, but those ponds apparently need to be at least 3 feet deep - I don't think either of these ponds are that deep, haven't measured them yet, apparently goldfish and other such can survive in shallower, no big deal.

The offer was too good to pass up. 2 ponds, about 300 gallons total worth of water.

This will be a long project, probably, because there are several things you have to buy first before putting a single drop of water into them. A pump/filter system being the first and foremost. I have started reading about installing the ponds and about what the ponds need to thrive and survive.

My drip system project is almost done. I have the east and south side of the house left to run - and that is halfway there.

This is actually exciting for me - my current projects are running out of steam - not much left to do - and I have several things I still want to get done out there. Since I am pretty much "stuck" in this house for an un…


FINALLY, something to do in the truck routing system! 3 deliveries with a couple of pickups and over 50k worth of product, that helps, quite a lot.

The video posted below was only put there because I have never seen anything like it before. It's a pretty intense slam on McCain's opponent - Hayworth. I have heard the birth certificate rumors since before the election ever took place. We all have. Have we ever seen a birth certificate that clearly identifies him? I don't think so. But, who started these rumors? Dunno - in the world of politics, are bets are off and so are most moral and ethics. Just like this video - it is one of the most intense - and funny - slams I have ever seen in a political race.

The thing that strikes me is you'd think the election was next week or something - McCain is running ad after ad after ad - the polls won't be open til' November 2! I've already decided who I am voting for, all these ads do nothing for me - and proba…