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That Deserves A Drink

Oh, yes, it does.
I went to the doctor for my annual physical today.
Thank God it's only once a year, because I have serious doubts that I would be able to handle anymore of it than once.
Now ladies, I am WELL aware of what gynecologists put you through. I was married 16 years, I DO have a clue in this department.

However. I still don't think that having a doc sitting there, telling you to bend over, him putting on rubber glove and KY jelly and sticking it up your @$$ is somehow "better" than the clamp ordeal you have to go through. I don't care as much that he has to look at my nuts and determine whether I have a hernia or not - it isn't intrusive, not NEAR-SO as the finger test.

Well, that unpleasantry is over, the "results" were good. There were 2 things the doc was concerned about. First, my cholesterol. BUT, when he started looking at the results, he said it wasn't as bad as he had first thought. My GOOD cholesterol is WAY higher than th…


Well, I'm finding that my newest adventure - a pond - has all KINDS of information about it on the net. I guess the hardest part about a pond is actually installing the thing, or so they say.

Considering the rock-filled dirt on my property, I would say that would be correct!
Well, anyway, I'll undoubtedly be writing about the fun, the pain and the pain in the @$$ stuff I will endure in getting this thing put in the ground and up and running. And, I am quite sure, it will be a while before I actually have anything living in it as there are a few things I have to have before that is going to occur, including aeration/waterfall system to keep the water full of oxygen and a pump/filtration system. I have seen these things pretty cheap on CL, but right now? I'll just get the thing in the ground first, that will take some time, then think about the other stuff.

News: Stricter abortion laws enacted in Nebraska - I'm all for it. In fact, I am all for doing away with abortio…