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A Cat With Holes

I was outside - my usual thing on weekends for sure - on the east side of the house. The east side of the house is my primary focus for landscaping, ponds, beautification.

Coco - my Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog mixed with Great Dane (though mostly Leopard Dog) is ALWAYS out there with me. I don't ask her to come out there, she follows me like a magnet on steel. I could say the more appropriate axiom, but I don't want to digress.

I was laying out the 1/2 inch tubing, paying no attention to her whatsoever. I don't normally do that anyway, pay attention to dogs while I am working that is.

I look up, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. She was on TOP of a cat that had come into our backyard and was inflicting bite wounds into it. I absolutely HATE cats, with a passion. They come over here and crap.

I was shocked. How did all of this happen without any sound? Coco is not afraid of cats. I know, people always think a cat will win against a d…

Urgent Announcement

The room has been rented.
That will be all.
Have a nice day.

Problems With Direct TV Billing

So, I go online to pay up several bills that are due.
I look at the Direct TV bill - $104.92.
I have 6 receivers, I have to pay $5 for each receiver after the first one. All of these companies do that, so even though I don't like it, I'm good with it. That's $30 just for all the receivers in this house. $69.00 for the programming plus tax.

I realized what happened - they had dropped my $15 per month reduction for bundling with Qwest. I immediately called Diret TV and - ended up speaking to 4 different individuals over a 45 minute span. Multi-tasking, I know these conversations with these people are going to be endless, I was mopping the floor while talking and waiting on the phone.

First person couldn't help me, I expected that. Second department couldn't help me either, neither expected or didn't expect that. 3rd department - I am being transferred between departments, not individuals within the same department. They did this because I told them if …


I believe I have finally decided where to put those ponds. When all is said and done, it should look nice - like in about 6 months, lol. I am not normally in a huge hurry when I get started on these kinds of projects - first because I like to take my time and make sure things are done right the first time and second because usually, projects take money. I am a pay as I go type of project worker. In this case, acquire the ponds, figure out where to put them, install them and then move onto the next need, which would be a bio filter and pump. Oh, and a waterfall as well to aerate the water. Part 2 will be more expensive than the ponds. That may take a while.

Meanwhile, I am doing my normal Craigslist thing in looking for another roommate by writing up a new ad every day - sometimes I'll write up 2 ads at different times of the day and delete older ads. Some people will not go through too many of the ads that are on there in looking for a room to rent. There are literally hun…