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Today's Doings

I set out to get most of the emitter stuff done. I installed somewhere around 40 or 50 more of those.

I wanted to get the tree transplanted - done.

I had to both vacuum and the use the carpet cleaner in the new tenant's bedroom. Done.

Decided to get started on digging out the hole for the 1st pond since the tree was removed. Removing the tree was definitely the right thing to do and where I planted it was a much better location than where I originally had it.

So, I put the pond where I wanted it, got some orange spray paint that I bought from work awhile back, sprayed an outline.

Dug out the outline - all the way around - and then filled it up with water. It is VERY difficult to dig out a large hole in this area if the ground is wet, it is freakin' next-to-impossible dry.

It took my 5 days last year to dig out a hole that was approximately 3-1/2 feet in diameter and almost 4 feet deep for that tree I planted. 5 days. I figure as much for just one pond, maybe more for the fir…

Pre-Formed Pond

As I continue to ponder how to install these 2 ponds I have acquired, I also decided to take a trip to both Home Depot and Lowe's for some ideas on what is available in accessories and necessities for this setup.

However, even though I have a location picked out - or approximate - I still had no idea how to install 2 ponds that would make it so that one pours into the other.

After looking at picture after picture after picture of such, I finally came to the conclusion that for the best effect, one pond is going to have to be raised slightly higher than the other. Even though I am using pre-formed pond liners, this is going to be quite the challenge for me as I have never even attempted to install anything like this.

It will, however, answer the question as to where I am going to put at least some of the dirt that is dug out of the ground. I will have to build up dirt on the sides of the raised pond with some of that dirt, and if I choose to, I can also use more dirt to build up…


Excuse the last posting, but I was reading the online news, I felt the need to vent my feelings about this on-going and ever-escalating situation with Iran.

As for the homestead, the newest tenant - who hasn't moved in yet but stated she would probably start bringing stuff over today (she has to be out of her current place by Tuesday) - well we sat around and talked for quite a while at the kitchen table yesterday.

I will not rent a room to anyone unless they come over here, sit down, start talking and we get to feel each other out. Is it a good fit? Is there any possibility that there might be problems? If so, I want to hear about it - whether they voluntarily give it out or let it slip - before we start talking about moving in.

I pretty much get a conversation rolling and then, if the person is so inclined, let them talk away for however long I can keep it going. When a person starts feeling comfortable, THAT'S when you might hear something that will identify that th…

Iran, It's Threats And Obama

Does anyone really believe that Iran is producing those nuclear fuel rods for peaceful purposes only? This is not the same scenario as Iraq - Iran is a rogue nation (at best), has publicly and repeatedly called for the destruction of both Israel and the U.S., has called the U.S. on numerous occasions the "Great Satan", is guilty of human rights abuses against it's own people to the point of killing them simply because they were the opposition in the recent elections and has a leader that mouths off at every opportunity against the U.S. and even Obama in particular. They are looking at us like we are a bunch of cowards because our Commander in Chief apparently is afraid of these people.

That's what I get out of Obama's lack of action. I can think of past Presidents that might have already taken out Iran's nuclear production facilities by this point in time. If we did engage in such, what is Iran going to do, send a bunch of troops over here in airplanes to s…