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So, the new tenant is moved in. Or I assume she is, who knows. She was asking, just before I went to bed last night, if she could bring more stuff. In other words, late at night. I simply responded that neither of the other tenants are home, the guy in the room next to you is half deaf (seriously, he IS! - he receives a monthly disability check from the military for damage to his hearing in one ear due to an explosion going off near his head) -- go for it but if the other female comes home, please try to keep the noise levels down.

That's it. Her car is out front, no clue how much stuff she took in there, will probably take a look at video surveillance to see just how much goods this person is introducing into that room. Why? I'm nosy. No, not really, it just seems the more a person has, the more entrenched they are in staying and not going anywhere for a while. That can be a good thing, as long as that person pays their rent on time, every time. She seems like a reall…