Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More: Pond

So, I stopped at AutoZone today to get some tire sealant. I had stopped at Home Depot first to see about getting a new tire with wheel - $25. Forget that. Buy a whole new wheelbarrow for $40. I also found a HUGE wheelbarrow - thing is worth $125 minimum - for $25. I did not, however, want to drive that far to get it - way out in the far east valley. Doesn't matter, the tire sealant worked. The guy at Home Depot said if it goes flat again, Harbor Freight sells inner tubes for those tires for $2 plus change.

I get home. The trailer guy has been working on that hole like crazy. He borrowed a big, heavy, thick steel rod from a neighbor and had been hacking away at the dirt/rocks. I started in on it with the shovel and - well we got that hole almost entirely dug for that pond. Amazing. I am going to have it sitting at least inches above ground and then have it pour into the pond that will be below it.

That project is going way faster than I had expected - only because of the help. I spent an hour at it and quit. I don't really have the money to continue on with the project after the ponds are installed, so there is no big hurry. I have a couple of pumps to buy, plus make or buy a waterfall for aeration and a filter to either buy or make.

Those things will undoubtedly take time to find cause' I ain't spending huge money on this. Find people that are selling their stuff cheap - maybe people who are being foreclosed on that want to sell that stuff. I guess that didn't sound right - I don't want to take advantage of a bad situation - sort of - but if they are going to list it on CL, then I will buy it if it's at a good price.

Quite encouraging, actually, but a little too fast.

As for everything else, pretty much normal. The Army reservist has been gone for quite a while now - though her pickup is parked in my driveway. She is late on her rent. Supposedly she came home a day ago - didn't know about it - and left again. No clue, different lifestyle, I just want my rent money.

I have been giving my opinion on the absolute, total neglect of definitively dealing with Iran and it's nuke ambitions for some time now. It is obvious Obama has no intention of doing anything about it, or if he does, it will be a toothless, gutless piece of garbage that will only make the Iranian government laugh - publicly and for the whole world to see and hear - that much the harder, longer and loudly at us.

I have more confidence in Israel dealing with them than I do our own - weak-knee'd as it stands now - government. If we don't take it to them, eventually, THEY are going to bring it to OUR doorstep.



Dear U.S. Government:
Why do you continue to impose your will upon the people? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
When you have a good answer for me that doesn't have 2-steps and other fancy dance moves involved, please reply.

BTW, I do not add salt to my food - ever. I am always looking at sodium contents on packaged product labels. I do think that many foods have FAR too much sodium content in them and I tend to stay away from such. OR, if I do eat something that has a high sodium content, I make sure that I don't eat anything else that day that has anything but a very low sodium count in it. I go by the percentage of a day's intake, as apparently dictated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Of whom are going to start imposing their will to force companies that produce packaged foods to lower the sodium content. People who like salt?.......will probably just ad MORE to the food. Instead of forcing companies to reduce sodium content, perhaps educating the masses about the potential future problems of massive salt/sodium intake would be better? Yes? I think that at this point, people are starting to get sick of a government - in whichever form - that does not listen to the people that voted/put/assigned them in there.

If they really thing it is a "neglected disease", then that intones that people don't understand the implications of eating too much salt - which is where I would fully supprt the USFDA to start a massive EDUCATION program, as salt is readily available anywhere - people can add as much as they want! It's great if companies are reducing the amount they add to their foods, but this does not eradicate the very real potential of a person simply lifting the salt shaker and adding more.

Me? I put lots of pepper onto foods. On foods that will taste good with it, I also add garlic powder. It doesn't mean you can't eat ANY salt, it just means that Americans are eating far too much of the substance and people are - down the road - dying from it. Well, we all have to die one way or another, I would like to just get my Full Life's Serving of allotted days to live - and hopefully in relative good health at that.

In other benb news, the newest tenant is a cleaner! yayyyy! Really, without asking, she is wiping down counters and doing all kinds of cleaning tasks in the house. I only state in my ad to please clean up after yourself, not that you have to clean up after everyone else. I spend a good deal of time doing cleaning tasks in my house. Well, anyway, it is nice to finally have someone that is of like mind as me - clean when and where necessary - and yes, it's always necessary if it isn't clean, thank you.

She hinted yesterday - a couple of times - about having her dog living there. Showed me pics of her daughter and her boy - and then there was the dog pic. Okay, don't worry, the son and daughter are NOT moving in, I am considering the dog. I usually charge a pet rent for dogs simply because of the problems they can cause. Not all dogs are the same - some are troublemakers, some do nothing. I'm guessing she WOULD have her kids living with her if she could. Anyway, I am consideringt he dog request that wasn't really a request but was a request by the subtle way she put it.

And with that, my work day begins,
c'yall later!

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