Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cafe World Tips 16: Super Stoves - Get Them Without Paying Cash For Them

Obviously, I would think, everyone is going to want your Cafe World kitchen equipped with Super Stoves. I mean, personally, I have been playing long enough now that I am kinda tired of having to go through all the prep work to get a dish cooking.

I got my first stove for free when they first came out with them simply by signing up for it in advance with Cafe World.

When they became available to buy, well, give me a break. Zynga/Cafe World wants $50 CASH - real money - to buy one. That's just unbelievable. What other online game do you know of besides maybe online casino gambling requires you to pay such exorbitant amounts of money to play the game?

Of course, you don't HAVE to have Super Stoves to play, but it would be MUCH nicer.

Well, Zynga came out with the build-your-own-stove option. You have to get X amount of 4 different parts to put the stove together and you can only get those parts from gifting from your neighbors.

Well fortunately, I have a LOT of neighbors and for the first stove, they have given me a helping hand. I completed building the first stove today and will be getting it in a few minutes when my current round of dishes being cooked are done and I can pull out a stove to put that back in.

Unless a hack comes out to get them for nothing - which I am sure the hackers in this world are already trying to do - this is the only way to get them without paying real money for them.

Now, when you want to start building the next stove? Costs you 100,000 - one hundred thousand - gold coins to buy the frame to start building it. No big deal there, I have over 4,000,000 coins in my inventory, I bought that and will start asking neighbors again tomorrow to help me out.

Look, these Super Stoves are a totally awesome addition to the game. As with the spices, they are also going to be hard to acquire. There are STILL people out there that are trying to get all the parts they need to get the spice rack done and get with the spice program (I have an entry on spices and how to effectively use them, just google Cafe World how to use spices effectively and you will find my post).

I have 17 stoves left to go - I imagine months before I have all of them converted to Super Stoves - maybe even longer. Oh well. In the meantime, I will be scouring the internet for any cheats that might come along to get them for free, as what occured with the Spice Racks before Zynga patched the hack and it was gone.


Pond 1 is at correct depth - not done yet but correct depth.

Didn't start on pond 2.

Today's eating: salad with veggies, no cheese, light dressing.
Fish with various spices, tomato sauce dumped over top and broccoli.

I'm getting better at the eating department. I am cutting out cheese almost altogether - it's very wonderful stuff and is very high fat and calorie stuff as well. Not a good part of a diet.

I have decided that I am going to eat a lot more fish, salads, cut out some of the beef eating and probably stay about where I'm already at with the chicken. Pork - good pork anyway - is usually pretty pricey so I only eat it once in a while.

My manager has some brand new - and pretty awesome workout equipment. He suggested today that we show up early for work and work out. He apparently doesn't have time to do it at home - or more probably - just can't do it for pressures from all sides.

I replied that I am already showing up at 5:30 am, showing up at 5:00 am, 3 times a week would be okay with me. It's always much easier to get a workout program going with someone who is doing it with you.

I will get myself 20 pounds lighter one way or another. I will continue to deprive myself of whatever until I start to see the reversal in a substantial way. I am going about it slowly - the eating department especially. I am finding it much easier to say no to cheese in whatever food I am eating. Which, initially, I thought would be next to impossible.

Dunno, but I am running out of time and I have another entry I want to write plus I am doing a couple of load of laundry, sooooo....


Well I wonder how long it's going to take to get the skies over Europe back to normal? What a menagerie of chaos!

Meanwhile, it was a pleasant read to see American made cars are making a comeback in popularity over Asian made cars. It seems like Toyota is coming out with a fresh, new recall every week!

Then there's the story of the bus driver who crashed into the rear of a pickup truck on I-10 here in good ole' AZ - apparently the driver was driving so erratically that a couple of motorists had called 911 shortly before that horrific crash that killed 3 people. I just amazes me the "quality" of commercial drivers I see coming through this area that are weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, tail-gating, texting and all kinds of other crap.

This new breed of driver? The roadways are not safe, I'll just put it that way.

Whatever the case, the expected high today is 70 degrees - more than 20 degree difference than yesterday's high and supposedly even lower tomorrow. Very nice.

Anyway, I'm outta here as the work day snuck up on me and I have to get moving.


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