Thursday, April 22, 2010


I wonder how many people have opted out of flying - or flying as little as possible - because of all the BS games the airlines are playing? It seems like every week - or sometimes every day - some airline, somewhere, is playing a newly thought-up fee game. Pay to use the toilet? Getting rid of reclining chairs? And then there's one airline's idea that may soon be coming to have standing only passengers.

I hope THAT is a short flight!

A woman that lives in the neighborhood died today. She was in her 30's. Overdose. Drugs run rampant in this neighborhood in a certain mix of people - of all ages, actually. Meth being the drug of choice, it's amazing how grown adults even in their 50's can be addicted to such. My conodolences to whatever family, there is nothing good to be gained out of a situation like this. This neighborhood is quite the mix - a large population of older generation who have lived here 30 plus years; numerous sex offenders; lots of drug users; lots of illegals. Some nice people and some very, very cranky and un-nice people, I have had my run-ins with those that want to bully and try to dominate the neighborhood. I have a rule about that, I will NOT be shoved around in or near the place I live, period.

Got off early today - yes there was work to do but there was nothing to do after I got back and I decided to just leave an hour early. With the manager's blessing, of course. I have all of these vacation hours stacking up and soon even more, getting very near my limit, I figure to use some of them getting off early and next month, I figure to ask for a couple of days off. Haven't decided when, but I am not going to lose vacation hours when I have them coming to me, and if I get to 80, I WILL lose any more hours that are being accrued.

Today's eating - so far - has been an apple and a salad. The salad had one slice of ham, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and light dressing. I am going to have more fish and veggies in a couple of hours and that will be it for today. I've eaten no more than 500 calories worth and the fish dinner will be less than 500 calories. Actually, I will have eaten around 800 calories - considering the exertion I did at work today plus the extreme exertion I did when I came home digging out rocks and dirt, calories consumed will be far outweighed by calories expended. I've gotten FAR more serious about dieting - I will NOT turn into a human pig if I have anything to do with it - and of course - I have EVERYTHING to do with it, as well all do in our own individual case.

Tomorrow's Friday. I have heard nothing from the tenant who has disappeared yet whose truck is still in my driveway and whose room is locked. I have no clue.

I'm going to go through email about the time she moved in - I can't remember if she called me directly from my ad, thereby bypassing email or if she emailed me.



Missing tenant.
That's all I can say about it. She hasn't been back since last Thursday, I believe. I would consider her just gone permanently but her little red truck is parked in my driveway. She is also 7 days past due on the rent. I think she called me initially in setting up an appointment to see the room, so I can't email her to find out what's going on.

40% chance of rain today. Not good for deliveries and there are 3 in the system which will take me all over the east valley. Hopefully the rain doesn't start until later. Rain almost always shuts down most job sites, making a delivery impossible.

So, I put an ad on Craigslist to see if I could drum up some of this stuff for the pond - for cheap of course. A water clarifier was offered for $40. The thing sells for $130 at Home Depot. Keep the pond from getting green, allegedly anyway. No offers on pumps or waterfalls, I am going to keep scouring the ads for such - or figure out how to built my own waterfall with rocks and cement or mortar.

I'm also about to start running ads for the room while the tenant that is already gone - is gone. Strange, yes. I keep asking other people in the house if they have seen her while I'm at work (people do strange things when they owe money and can't pay it, not saying that's her situation, I really don't know until I can speak to her about it) - no is the repeated reply. Meanwhile, the trailer people paid me the $25 yesterday and told me next week they would be up to 3 days late with the next $25. I'm really only interested in them paying for their own utilities, it's not a money making proposition so I just said fine. With the addition of the MasterCool cooler on the trailer - versus an energy-sucking AC unit - I figure $100 per month covers their use of water, hot water and electricity. Oh, and my grill. They use that thing - daily I think.

Instead of coming in and cooking (which I never said they couldn't), they seem to like to cook on the grill. All well and fine, but it costs $20 to refill that sucker. I refilled it about 3 weeks ago, there is still gas in it. I have used it 4 times in that period. I like grilling but I don't do it every day, maybe once a week. A tank can last me a good, long time.

Anyway, off to read the news. I noticed Iran is doing their hype and aggrandizement junk in doing more military games. Are we supposed to shudder in fear? South Korea is blaming North Korea for shooting a torpedo at their Navy ship. Now, if they can prove that, what, exactly, is the next step? Most folks would consider that an act of war, doncha think? Our guys and gals would be dragged into such a theatre - seems like we have enough going on right now. The North is denying any involvement.

Well, enough.
Have a great day.

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