Friday, April 23, 2010

AZ Immigration Bill Signed Into Law

Don't really care if you oppose this bill, if you are here looking for someone who is opposed to it, you came to the wrong place.

The Federal government has neglected our borders far too long. I don't care, either, if the bill is held up eternally in the court system. It is going to do what I figure they designed it to do: force the hand.

I want a secure border, the feds are charged with the responsibility, they have defaulted on it, the Governor of the State of Arizona has asked FIVE times now of Obama to send the National Guard - I DEFINITELY agree with her signing that bill into law.

Obama can no longer ignore this issue, it has raised nationwide fury on both sides of the issue, EXACTLY what this particular issue needed to get Congress to start talking about this issue and DO something about it. When we talk of budget cuts, the LAST thing that should EVER go is the security and safety of our nation's borders.

Million dollar toilet seats in national parks can go by the wayside. Earmarks and all the BS can go right down the tube as far as I'm concerned.

Yes, the State of Arizona has now FORCED the issue with the feds, they have NO CHOICE but to "find" some money and get that fence built, reinstate all the INS agents they let go and whatever else I don't know about that they have done, via budget cuts, to compromise the security of our border. And yes, send the National Freaking Guard, PLEASE. This alone should be enough to turn a LOT of people against the current administration.

Oh, well you don't live in AZ. That's right. You don't have tens or hundreds of thousands of them sucking your local economy dry. It doesn't affect you, therefore, who cares, right?

Will there be abuses? Is the use of stun guns abused by a rogue element of police? Are there police that beat the crap out of innocent people? Have you ever read about a police officer shooting a person down that was unarmed? The question answers itself. It will happen and the media will pounce all over it and attempt to make it the rallying point to get rid of the law. No matter. Just the fact of signing it into law creates a powerful force of energy blasted against the current administration and our reps and senators to get their asses in gear, get to discussing it, get to writing up a bill.

I'm all for it.


Another work week almost trashed, cashed and done with.

"Health Law To Increase Costs" is the "major" headline this morning.
I sincerely hope that no-one is surprised by that statement. It's going to cost you and I, the people that actually pay for this stuff, a LOT more money for health care in the end. It is NOT going to cost less or the same as Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others spouted during the push to get that bill signed into law.

We're only on the very tip of that money-sucking iceberg, time will tell just how much more it's going to cost all of us. Those rich people who get the best, free healthcare for the rest of their lives that are standing on capitol hill couldn't care less how much it costs us, heyyyy, we got our faces and names going down in the books for history to look back on, yayyyy! That's ALL they care about. I hope something is done to stop this nonsense and that history will look back on them like a bunch of senseless whoremongers, greedy, wanting the spotlight and caring less what the American MAJORITY had to say during the time that thing was pushed through.

I'm still waiting to see what Governor Brewer is going to do with that immigrant bill sitting on her desk. I FULLY support it, btw. People are running amock claiming it's anti-hispanic/Mexican and that it will create racial profiling. Bunk. Law enforcement officials will have training and will have to have a REASON to suspect they are illegal, they are not going to be able to just look at a brown -skinned person and ask for their papers because they are brown and no other reason.

The Federal Government is doing next-to-NOTHING to protect our very borders, that's a FACT, we HAVE to take matters into our own hands if, for no other reason, to get their attention, which by now, I think we have. I still say sign the bill and let the chips fall where they may.

LOTS of stuff going on in this world, but right here in good ole' AZ? We have the nation's attention because of that bill. I hope Gov. Brewer doesn't turn tail and run because of all of the opposition. A poll showed that fully 70% of Arizonans SUPPORT this bill. That is an over-whelming majority. The poll had a error percentage of 4%.

Anyway, Friday is here, 7-1/2 hours of work and then go home for the weekend. Plans? Nothing grand, the same ole' thing of working around the house, get those ponds in the ground, stuff like that. I have some plants sitting around that need planted as well. In fact, I have at least 10 plants right now that need planted that I have accumulated from different places over the last year and a half. Funny how long plants can survive in plastic pots.

Anyway, have a good day, c'yall later.

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