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More/Ace Hardware

So, the missing tenant that suddenly is no longer missing paid me a portion of the back due rent with the promise to pay the rest Monday. I took it without hesitation. There are reasons, legally, not to take it - but I am not going to worry about that. I take my losses with tenants as they come. I'm also posting ads on Craigslist to fill that room while she's gone.

I have a taker who said they would move in the day it is available - and I said cool if you're serious - but Craigslist is so full of flakes - people who make commitments or say they are coming or whatever and then - nothing. The ads will continue until the day the room is open, available and taken - ie: cash in hand, tenant takes the room. Thank you.

Dug out a piece of rebar that was unearthed during the proces of digging the holes for the ponds. It was in a position where it had to be removed. I had to dig DEEP into the ground to get that thing unstuck. Crazy.

I was at Ace Hardware today to pick up a …

Disappearing Tenant - Has Reappeared

She went to Alabama. I knew she was leaving, but that was a long time ago! She said she left 5 days ago and got back last night. Okay, I can accept that, but where is the rent? Yes, that is my major concern here.

She JUST came walking through here, I had NO idea she was even here. Almost shocking to even see her come through here.

Anyway, she said she would pay me rent today.

THAT was my biggest concern.

We'll see - later on of course.

Saturday/Fry's Food Stores

I went to cook some chicken that I bought from Fry's Food Stores yesterday - opened the packaged - enough to make a maggot puke. It was rotten, VERY rotten. Use-by date was today, not yesterday. In the last few months, I have either thrown away or cooked and given to the dogs at least 4 packages of stuff that has clearly expired before the use-by date printed on the package.

Well, yesterday, I had had enough of this. Keep throwing away $5/$6/$7 packages of meat and get no use out of it? Bunk. I took that rotten meat up to Fry's in a plastic bag, stood in the customer service line, got up to the front. The woman gasped at the smell before I said anything, but I said it anyway: "Fry's is selling rotten meat. Smell this". She wanted nothing to do with it - neither did anyone within smelling distance. One guy waiting behind me was also grossing out at the smell.

I was not happy, by any means. I was JUST at Fry's not 30 minutes earlier on my way home fr…