Sunday, April 25, 2010


So, I went to north Phoenix to pick up this water clarifier.
It was unfortunate that when I got there, there was a piece missing off of it. It is a screw on cap that holds the UV light in place inside of the housing. She just gave it to me - the whole setup - said I could buy another UV light. Yes, I found out, you can, but that plastic screw-on cap is not available. Waste of time? Not sure yet, I wrote the manufacturer and asked if they sell those separately.

However, I have read several web sites today that say using them isn't really all the great for your bio system. Well whatever. Everyone says something different about these ponds and how to keep the water from turning pea soup green. What I did find was a VERY simple to put together filter set up - much easier than some of the other sites had - it's a round plastic tub. Place PVC with fittings in it in order to pump the water to the bottom, which goes through filter media and then back out a hole on the top back into your pond. VERY simple and cheap. Cheap being the operative word. I have a pump - but I am going to use that for the waterfall. I will buy another pump for this setup.

Realistically, I could build the filter and get my ponds up and running without the waterfall. I won't be putting fish into it right away - but I will see about adding some plants. People are selling plants that have overgrown in their ponds for VERY cheap at $2 per plant.

So, a plan for these ponds is slowly coming together. One pond will spill over into the other. How well this is going to work, only time will tell. It may be that I will have to have a bio filter for each pond regardless that one is feeding into the other.

Which means that I better get out there and continue with the digging process, now that I have something that I think I can actually make work, I want to get this sucker up and going!

C'ya later.

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