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Monday More

I wrote a rather extensive entry about my visit to Walmart today - a place I love to hate but love the deals - at times anyways. It disappeared. It was not in my drafts as I was informed I was not signed in. Hmmm, well how did I write an entry without being signed in? The site did not give me an option to ask that question, much less get an answer for it.

Well there are other things to write about anyway.

Long day at work - wrote about that and some extreme driving challenges in getting a tractor- trailer rig into a place where one was never intended to be driven. No big deal - but today had 3 such occasions which made it unusual and also taxing on mental energy.

I came home today to find 4 holes started for doggy cover in an area where I was discussing it with the trailer tenant guy. He also finished the pond hole that I was working on all weekend. Well almost finished, it needs sand and will need to be levelled and also moved forward a bit to be under the other pond so it wil…

Monday/Arizona Immigration Law

There is one provision in the new Immigrantion Bill that AZ has passed I don't agree with much: If a person cannot show proof of citizenship or show they are legally here, they can be jailed up to 6 months, amongst other things.

Let's not jail them and waste even more taxpayer dollars on these people, let's just get RID of them. Deport them, send them back on those big INS busses and be done with it. Alright, if the same person gets caught over and over, then a good deterrence is to make them sit in a prison house somewhere, I suppose. Because, if those people REALLY want to be here, they are just going to attempt to come right back and resume living their illegal life here as they were before.

"The Rev. Al Sharpton, speaking Sunday in New York, said that just as freedom riders battled segregation in the 1960s, he would organize "freedom walkers" to challenge the Arizona bill.

"We will go to Arizona when this bill goes into effect and walk the streets w…