Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday More

I wrote a rather extensive entry about my visit to Walmart today - a place I love to hate but love the deals - at times anyways. It disappeared. It was not in my drafts as I was informed I was not signed in. Hmmm, well how did I write an entry without being signed in? The site did not give me an option to ask that question, much less get an answer for it.

Well there are other things to write about anyway.

Long day at work - wrote about that and some extreme driving challenges in getting a tractor- trailer rig into a place where one was never intended to be driven. No big deal - but today had 3 such occasions which made it unusual and also taxing on mental energy.

I came home today to find 4 holes started for doggy cover in an area where I was discussing it with the trailer tenant guy. He also finished the pond hole that I was working on all weekend. Well almost finished, it needs sand and will need to be levelled and also moved forward a bit to be under the other pond so it will feed into it, but he did a bit of work today.

I was exhausted. I got 3 hours of sleep last night and I worked 9, straight, mentally challenging hours - I only watered a few plants that needed it and came back inside.

The bright point? I am going to Miami tomorrow - up in the mountains. There are plenty of areas to pull over and find some rocks. It will the the "last" run of the day, meaning I will have time to stop, take my 1/2 hour break in finding some rocks if I can find what I am looking for. I did not get a break today - I worked straight through even though, as I relentlessly point out on my blogs, that time is automatically deducted from any day's given time.

This is just a short entry, I am not motivated and I am very tired. I forced myself to stay awake after work and am going to bed a bit early and hope to get at least enough sleep tonight.


Monday/Arizona Immigration Law

There is one provision in the new Immigrantion Bill that AZ has passed I don't agree with much: If a person cannot show proof of citizenship or show they are legally here, they can be jailed up to 6 months, amongst other things.

Let's not jail them and waste even more taxpayer dollars on these people, let's just get RID of them. Deport them, send them back on those big INS busses and be done with it. Alright, if the same person gets caught over and over, then a good deterrence is to make them sit in a prison house somewhere, I suppose. Because, if those people REALLY want to be here, they are just going to attempt to come right back and resume living their illegal life here as they were before.

"The Rev. Al Sharpton, speaking Sunday in New York, said that just as freedom riders battled segregation in the 1960s, he would organize "freedom walkers" to challenge the Arizona bill.

"We will go to Arizona when this bill goes into effect and walk the streets with people who refuse to give identification and force arrest," Sharpton said."

Yes, well "Reverened" Al Sharpton is hardly a beacon of light or even a modicum of truth. I have heard what the man has preached - much of it is heresy. This reverend is actually encouraging people to resist police by refusing to cooperate with what will be the law of the land. Well, Mr. Sharpton, this isn't the slavery issue and this isn't the segregation issue, this is an illegal alien issue that is FAR removed from either of the aforementioned issues.

If they go to the streets as they promise, it is highly doubtful that Phoenix or other area police are even going to ask them for their "papers". The whole idea that people would come here in groves to protest this issue through Sharpton's idea is quite laughable.

This Arizona Representative that is actually going around telling the nation to boycott Arizona is a moron at best. Not only that, but already, apparently, his life has been threatened by some freak of nature - there are more out there I am sure. If 70% of Arizonans are saying this is a good bill, then this rep is isolating himself and his chances of getting re-elected are probably going down the tube. Regardless of what you think of this bill, to tell people, corporations, whatever to stay away from the state you are allegedly serving is outrageous.

Well, whatever. I'm not really getting worked up about this nonsense, let those protestors protest away, it's getting warm here - 95 today - go ahead and walk the streets of Phoenix, if you're coming from out of state and not used to the heat, good luck with that. Actually, it isn't even HOT yet, Mother Nature is just getting a warm-up round going here. I'll let my voting fingers speak for me, I don't need to go out there and act like a circus animal to accomplish - what?

Speaking of temps, it is going to go back up during this week but then by this weekend they are saying the highs will be in the 70's. I'm not ready for 110 degree garbage yet, thank you very much, not that I ever will be, but I would rather summer come on in one, fell swoop than take it's time. Just keep it in the low 80's and then one day, it can just jump to 110. Give me 2 weeks to adjust and I'll be okay, I won't like it, but I've been doing this since I was 10 years old (and can't wait until the day I can get OUT of here!).

Meanwhile, I have been digging away at the holes for my ponds, scouring the net for items that I need and sort of wondering where I'm going to come up with the rocks I need. I emailed the Coconino forest authority to find out if it is REALLY true that it is illegal to take simple rocks from forest land. My mother told me that and I just have a hard time believing it. This Earth is MADE out of rocks!!! There are PLENTY to go around! Lol.

I'm also running ads for the temporary room situation. No REAL takers yet, some inquiries, a couple that said they need 2 months to find a place to live but - no dinero to hold the room. Sorry, Charlie, no money, no room. You can show up the day it is available if it IS still available by then, rent money in hand and have it, otherwise, oh well.

Well, the work day approaches. The semi is still loaded - heavy - from all the pipe I picked up on Friday. I mean HEAVY - it is very near 40 tons. Oh, my mom is considering going back up to her property soon, if I find out her rock statement is false, I may just go up there as well and fill the trunk of my car up with what I need. My car will look like a low rider coming back with all that weight in it, oh well. I am looking for large, flat rocks for the cascading effect on the waterfall. I have specific stuff in mind and I just don't know where to find it around here unless I want to buy it. It would be more fun to find it out in nature and adapt it to use in my waterfall instead of paying for it.

Anyway, I'm outta here.



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