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Arizona Immigration Law

I can't seem to get past this issue on my blog because - the entire will seems to be invoking it's will upon the great State of Arizona.

Governor Jan Brewer is not backing down, explaining today that racial profiling is against the law, it's illegal, it won't be tolerated. Senator John McCain is also standing behind it and now, Texas is talking about bringing it up in January. Well, if it were THAT bad to "everyone", why would the Texas senate even think about bringing up the subject?

Because, folks, NOT EVERYONE IS AGAINST THIS BILL. And again, a poll taken in Arizona with a error percentage of 4% found that 70% of Arizonans are FOR this bill.

San Francisco is openly bashing the law and Arizona and stating that they are cancelling any bookings to come here - for whatever purpose, but when asked if they would take in any or all of the estimated almost half MILLION of them from our state, they hemmed, hawed and wouldn't answer the question, even though…

TaDeGe Koi And Water Garden - DIY Filter


Undoubtedly, I will be getting off of work early today. I am 3-1/2 hours over from yesterday and Monday. Well, undoubtedly, that is, if today's work doesn't take to my normal stop time, who knows.

Whatever the case, I have rocks to unload from the side box of the trailer : ) I didn't do it when I got back yesterday cause' it was late and I wanted to go home. Umm, I just published - I think - a post that has filter information from another page I was looking at. Disregard that posting as I am simply using it as a reference for my continued pre-planning of my ponds and how to keep them clean and aerated.

I have really, though, decided how to make one and I will hopefully be doing that this weekend, especially considering the price tag of maybe $20-$25 worth of parts to do it plus an $18 pump.

Anyway, this one is being cut short as the work day is almost here, my manager showed up early and off to the races!