Thursday, April 29, 2010


Amazing. I mean, really. The UN is off the wall, out of their minds and ......... please.

" Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women, handing a four-year seat on the influential human rights body to a theocratic state in which stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged "immodest.""

This is worse than a fox guarding a hen-house, this is akin to a Killer Whale guardin a fishery. WHERE do these people come off with this bull****? My regard for the UN and the people that are running has just been reduced to a very low place on my scale of things to be respected. What's next? Give the nod to Iran for nukes as well?

I totally agree with Senator Cornyn - BAN that freak from U.S. soil. The president of Iran, that is. Obama doesn't have the balls to do that, I'm sorry, I hate to sound like I am disrespecting our "leader", but this man is simply off on another planet somewhere. I have come to the point that I despise the sound of his voice. On most things, he is so far off the planet, it's hard to believe anyone voted for this man.

Off of that, thank you. Off of immigration, for this post anyway. Ex-Marine just handed me next month's rent. Yes, that is a good thing.
Newest tenant says she's leaving for a week to watch an acquaintence house and was asking, since she won't be here, whether she could get rent off? Lol. No, that was my answer. If you rent a room somewhere, you are renting that room until you move out, regardless of whether you spend 2 seconds in there or 24 hours a day. Next?

My trip to Miami (Arizona) today yieled a large number of very nice looking rock for my waterfall. As I drove up there, I was looking for places to pull over - there were several places but I didn't feel comfortable doing that in a big rig. So, on the way back out, I stopped at the Safety Pullout for big rigs to check your brakes. The find was awesome. Some absolutely beautiful rock - I filled the side box of my trailer up. I found a LOT of flat rocks - perfect for lining the sides of the ponds.

I'm totally losing thought here. The newest tenant has her bedroom door open and the TV blaring. It is so loud it is drowing out the sound of the TV in my living room. Which I am not listening to, either, actually, I don't really want to hear any TV's at this point in my life excepting a very few shows and movies I might want to watch. There is very little time devoted to watching television in my life is the point, hearing it excessively loud is bothersome.

Well, I just went and asked her to either close her bedroom door or turn the thing down. Either way, I don't really care. I don't normally like to get pushy with tenants, but I have parameters on certain things.

The truth of this day's matter is, it's bedtime.




First day in several that Arizona immigration junk wasn't at or near the top of the list. The mob mentality seems to be rule with people, CEO's, corporations, entire cities and even Mexico lambasting Arizona's new law.

I could care less, really.

And onto other things, as I have written about this situation nearly every day now.

First, the "man" down the street. Apparently he holds grudges. This is the 30-something-year-old guy that is still living with his parents; doesn't have a job (and didn't have one when times were good, either); is a tweeker (meth user); is under his parent's rules for coming and going (much like you would treat a teenager).

Had to throw all that in there to give you an idea of what I am dealing with here. He and a former tenant "hooked up" - nearly every night until I got sick of it and shut it down - in her bedroom in my house. Mary was living there at the time. When I left for a short vacation to my dad's house, I came back to find out that Mary had started a fight with this lady - long story - ends up Mary gets a restraining order, the woman is removed from the house.

During that period, I was also having my input with this person about her lack of paying rent. It was through email and got very heated because she started the potty-mouth business and basically giving me the finger. My interactions with her, in turn, pissed off this dude down the street. This has been a long time ago now. I don't talk to this guy down the street, I don't normally make tweekers and - losers - as friends. Get a life, do something with yourself, get off the drugs, cut the long hair, start dressing a little nicer, act like a man at least if you can't BE one, and then maybe we'll find some common ground to discuss things.

He also smokes pot with neighborhood kids. This also may be where the problem began, because I have given my opinion of the people in our neighborhood that ARE, simply put: TOTAL LOSERS. Anyway, I'm out there one day several weeks ago, he is cat-calling me through his parent's house window telling me to f off; he's going to kick my ass; etc etc etc. I couldn't see him and after looking at the house and where the noise was coming from, I decided it was the loser and then turned my back on him, completely ignored him and went about my business.

On several occasions now, he has been in front of "his" house, which is about 150 feet away from mine, yelling obscenities, making high pitched noises and other stuff towards my house/me while I'm out there tending to my plants. Yesterday was the same stuff. I was out there pulling weeds and was listening to this high-pitched noise being directed towards me. A 30 year old acting like a 13 year old. Nice.

I won't just live with this forever. If he continues this junk - it's called disturbing your peace - I am going to take videos of him doing it and go file for an injunction against harassment. Very simple to do, very easy to get. Yes, he can fight it in court, hence the need to get some video of him doing it. There is no good reason I can think of to simply tolerate this kind of thing indefinitely. So I won't.

One pond, changing the subject, is fully in the ground now. I only need sand to put underneath it, level it and that one is done. The other one I had thought done, but it is too high. I wanted it higher than the first one, but it's sitting about 7 inches out of the ground and I figure it can come down another 5. It isn't that much work and it will be done, too.

My liner repair kit was available to be picked up at Ace yesterday, got that. Will be working today after work - it has cooled down again and I want to take advantage of it while there is advantage to be taken. I could kick myself for not thinking in advance - take some time off while it is still cool to get things done around my house, not when it's freakin' hot and miserable outside.

Oh well. I have spaced out filling out the vacation request form every day now. Gonna have to change that. I am thinking 2 Mondays from now - take that Monday and Tuesday off - maybe Wednesday. At least a 4-day weekend anyway.

I am headed back up into the mountains today for a delivery, so I'm hoping to find time to take my 30 minute break up there and grab some more rock for my waterfall/s. Okay, I'm going with one waterfall at first. I also need to get the materials to build my bio-filter cause' I would like to get those ponds filled with water, up and running. I WISH I could get a line run to my house with the reclaimed water. There is a main line running down the major surface street, but they do not bring it into residential neighborhoods. Reclaimed water is basically sewer water that has been filtered and treated. It is not good for drinking, but it IS recycled water, it's GREAT for plants and such.

Well, my time's up, must be about the day's business.

Ava' goodun.


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