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First Pond

The first pond is in the ground, repaired, backfilled and only need be cleaned out of the dirt I accidentally spilled in there while backfilling. So, now I am going to have to go back out there and start digging down another 5 inches on the other pond, get it situated, levelled backfilled and the hardest part of this thing will be done.

Waterfall will also be challenging, but I think that might actually be fun. I'm not at that stage yet anyway, this next pond will be a bit more challenging because I want to place it in just such a way that it flows into the other pond. That may be easier said than done. However, I'm up for the challenge. I also have this berm of dirt against a portion of my back fence that I'm going to have to deal with. I will be Googling pics to see what others might have done in landscaping a small, dirt hill basically.

Meanwhile, the trailer tenant built a lean to out back and installed the shade screen material I have - it's for the dogs th…


As the anti-immigration hysteria and hype rises, so does my amusement at such. People claiming that the entire state of Arizona are full of racists and bigots. Yessirreeee, that's what we all are, so don't come here because we hate you - all of you. Heck, I even hate people that are of my own color - white - which isn't really a color but who cares?

Okay, a little humor at the expense of all these people expending energy doing all of these marches all over the country, walking out of schools, basically getting hyped up over - what? Okay, let's deal with the immigration issue, but please oh ever-loving please drop the sentiments about Arizona and it's populous being bigoted and racists. Heck, Governor Brewer even came out with an amendment to the law basically making it illegal to engage in racial profiling - which is already illegal and has been for decades.

But people don't want to listen, they hear what they want to hear. It's racist, according to…