Monday, May 3, 2010

"Living There Is Awful"

Quoted from an online news source:

"You live under a lot of pressure in Arizona. You have a hard time finding a place to rent, being able to drive," said Benitez, a father of three teenagers. "But what you make in the U.S. in one day, you make it in Mexico in one week."

"Life there is awful, but I don't go to the U.S. because I like living there," he added. "I go because I like dollars."

Life HERE is awful? ROFL!!!! Those words were spoken by a Mexican National who, along with others, were stating they were going to continue to come to Arizona illegally law or no law. They HATE it here but they love the money? Do you know what kind of internal emotions that starts to crank up inside of me? These people come here, take the jobs, the money, send it home and while they're here, they HATE - BEING - here?

If I were a violent man, I would go find some illegals to bash on their heads for a little while. It's bad enough that they come here doing what they're doing to our economy and way of life, but then to stand there and tell us how "awful" it is here?I've BEEN to THEIR place, I can tell you unequivically that life in the U.S. in terms of sanitation; housing; even the food we eat is a thousand times better than most anything to be found in Mexico. I don't live in a shack with a dirt floor (and I'm NOT dissing those over there that do, they survive however they can); I don't run an extension cord for electricity; I don't have a non-working refrigerator used for food storage; I don't have an entire family living in one room, all sleeping on one bed. And on - and on- and on........the Lord loves those people, I am not saying they are BAD, somehow, it's just the point of them coming here, raping our economy and then going back "home" to where, apparently, life is so much better........

BTW, I bet I could find an illegal within 5 minutes of leaving where I'm at and just driving around looking for one. In fact, I bet I could find a whole bunch of them. Well, now that I think about it, there are around 50 of them that hang out in front of a Circle K just down the road a few miles, looking for work. They sit out in the open, everyone knows they are illegals, apparently they have no fear, or they don't show it anyway.

Whatever the case, it is Monday, I still haven't found anyone to take the room on a temporary basis but I do have several interested individuals and a couple that stopped by yesterday to take a look. Well, at least there are fish biting on the hook, I just haven't snared anyone yet.

I have no time left, work day is here.



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