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I hadn't gotten onto a scale in about 2 weeks until this afternoon.
I kinda got tired of seeing the same weight and figured if I just plug away at it, take my "falls" here and there but basically stay on course, the weight will come down, even if ever-so-slowly.
Last time I got on a scale it showed 205.
Today? 198!!

Trust me when I say that some of the things I have had to resist were NOT easy to do. Just for a small example, I walked into Fry's today to put money onto the power reader card. AS soon as you step through the door, there is a stand there. This stand had a man making root beer floats. Ummm, I absolutely LOVE root beer floats. When I was a kid, a weekly family ritual was for dad to go out and buy A&W Rootbeer, get some vanilla ice cream and serve it up!

I RACED past that stand. My mind was telling me: "What could it hurt to have just one?" They were large cups - that cup of diet poison there at least 500 calories. Lots of FAT calorie…
So, I'm listening to the news on the way to work. They always have this guy named Tony Flamino giving an opinion minute. No clue who this guy is.
He's sitting there asking why he's using the U.N. to deal with Iran instead of dealing with it himself.

This question is easily answered. Obama gave a definitive deadline for Iran to come clean earlier this year was it? When the deadline came, Iran did nothing, the U.S. also - did nothing. His deadline was totally meaningless. Iran knows we will do nothing, what impetus is there for them to change anything? Sure, they continue to say their nuclear ambitions are peaceful only, but who in this world believes THAT pile of rhetoric coming from a man who wants Israel to be "levelled"?

Obama doesn't have the nerve to deal with Iran himself, that's the answer. I am not advocating starting WWIII, but I seem to remember us destroying other facilities around the world in the past that posed a danger to the U.S. and/or …