Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today's doings? I "get" to drive the semi into that RV park again. Trucks should not be made to go where they don't belong, and I have to tell ya, they do NOT belong in THIS place at all!
The first radical turn gives no forgiveness. If you miss the turn, you can't move something out of the way. A block fence on one side, a stop sign on the other and a Park Model trailer on the third. I have to partially drive up into the Park Model's driveway to execute the turn. I have no idea what kind of reaction those people may have, I don't wait around to find out.

The rest of it is attempting to maneuver around tight turns and keep from running over senior citizens and then.....the jobsite in the center of this place it self. An unforgiving, truck driving nightmare, the guy that wanted me to follow him in there last time was out of his mind thinking I could get through there. He had seen some heavy equipment maneuvering through there - scrapers to be precise, and thought a semi should be able to execute those turns as well.

Yeah, well, I figured I would get the pipe to where he wanted it and then I would have to back up a LONG, long way. Instead, a kind-hearted gentlemen that works at the park itself offered to simply take part of the chain-link fence down so I could more easily exit that place. Yes, please and thank you!!

I will be videoing today's attempt for my own personal entertainment, lol.

I am looking at this contraption that BP has brought to the coast and wondering how it works. Well, wondering how it hooks up to the oil gushing out and how does it stay in place? The news never gives that kind of technical data, at least some general overview of how the thing is actually secured into place while all that oil is pumping out of that hole.

Meanwhile, I found a person on Craigslist selling water plants for as low as $2 per plant. Apparently, though, watey lillies are expensive no matter where you buy them, but this guy has them for $15 instead of $39 like that store I went to yesterday. Yes, I will drive out of my way to save $24 plus tax. Count the tax as my gas money out there and back. My "bio-balls" are in the filter. Their intended purpose, as I was informed yesterday, is to create bacteria which somehow helps keep the water eco-balanced. Yeah, don't really know about that stuff, yet, give me time.

Oh, the trailer tenant - I didn't know he's in his 60's, not his 50's. Anyway, he recently had hernia operation and the thing has "expanded" and he is in pain. He said he was going to the hospital today and he didn't know whether they would keep him overnight or not. Oh, well bummer dude, hope everything turns out okay. I mostly am not regretting giving them a helping hand, the woman side of the deal is getting a little more friendly (no, not in THAT way!!) which was one of the few reservations I had about the situation.

Anyway, work day is here and I have to get offa here, lots of work to get done this morning.

Later, dudes and dudettes!


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