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667th Post

I will be getting post the 666th post very quickly, like right NOW. I now, it's rather obsessive - don't really care what anyone thinks, I am not going to have my blog dwelling on that number for any length of time, period.

The trailer tenants are still gone. I'm still guessing after several conversations with the guy part of this deal and seeing his extreme, obvious pain, that he is in a hospital somewhere. The lady portion of this deal? NO idea where she's at. She has made it obvious in the past, however, that she is uncomfortable being here alone.

Not to be rude or obnoxious, but she is no hotty. Just to clear anyone's mind that I have hit on her since that seems to be the theme of the day - nowadays. I am not good at guessing people's ages, I am pretty good at guessing a person's weight - she's around 350-375 pounds. Again, just to state that I have not been hitting up, I am not into such. She's a nice girl and all, but I would never look a…

666th Post

I have some sort of mind deal going with the number 666 after reading the book of Revelations countless times.
This is the 666th post on this blog and this is the end of my entry.
Thank you and goodbye.


I have shut off access to the boys to my computer. Whatever they have done to it, the thing is running like a turtle with it's legs cut off. I hate when those kids do that and I don't hate changing the password on them. I decided to get up a little earlier this morning, get on the thing and run a full scan for viruses as I have done just about everything else to it that would normally get it running back up to speed.

If the scan doesn't work, then the final alternative is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows, my usual modus operandi. But, I have a lot of pics on there that I would have to transfer to Photobucket first, so I guess I'm going to be busy today trying to get some stuff done on it. I am assuming that they have, indeed, downloaded some sort of virus or spy ware or malware, but who knows.

In the news, the Russians kicked @$$, took over a ship that had been hijacked by pirates, killed one of the pirates in the ensuing gunfight before taking a…