Friday, May 7, 2010

667th Post

I will be getting post the 666th post very quickly, like right NOW. I now, it's rather obsessive - don't really care what anyone thinks, I am not going to have my blog dwelling on that number for any length of time, period.

The trailer tenants are still gone. I'm still guessing after several conversations with the guy part of this deal and seeing his extreme, obvious pain, that he is in a hospital somewhere. The lady portion of this deal? NO idea where she's at. She has made it obvious in the past, however, that she is uncomfortable being here alone.

Not to be rude or obnoxious, but she is no hotty. Just to clear anyone's mind that I have hit on her since that seems to be the theme of the day - nowadays. I am not good at guessing people's ages, I am pretty good at guessing a person's weight - she's around 350-375 pounds. Again, just to state that I have not been hitting up, I am not into such. She's a nice girl and all, but I would never look at that with any form of desire or lust.

My dad wrote me, completely changing the subject and hoping the guy comes through his ordeal okay- stating he has to get rid of his sailboat. He had wanted us to come and go sailing with him this summer. Well, summer hasn't arrived and I had given it some but not much thought. A trip down there has to be planned in advance.

He cites the HOA's regulation about having such out of sight, which it is, but he doesn't feel he can do it anymore. My dad's getting old, that's what this is all about. He's 78. Not that we didn't want to go, either, I think his age is dictating to him what he can and cannot do, understandably. I have actually had nightmares of going out on a lake with him and my son somewhere, the boat capsizing and watching him drowning.

Yes, radical dreams. I'm sure a dream interpretist could tell me what's going on, I figure it's a fear of losing someone you love dearly. I have had the same with my son. In the case of my son, however, and with such dreams, I have fought bloody battles and even died in such scenarios. I tend to have vivid dreams - and also - ban the idea that if you die in a dream, you die in real life at the same time. I would be dead 50 times over if such were true, including being eaten alive by lions when I was in my teen years.

You say, that's weird. I agree. I have no control over my dream life. Sometimes my dreams really bother me, mostly I just "write it off" to a state of mind that I am not under control of and all bets are off.

Anyway, the day is drawing to a close and I am going outside to enjoy what appears to be 2, leakless ponds.

G'day and G'nite.


666th Post

I have some sort of mind deal going with the number 666 after reading the book of Revelations countless times.
This is the 666th post on this blog and this is the end of my entry.
Thank you and goodbye.


I have shut off access to the boys to my computer. Whatever they have done to it, the thing is running like a turtle with it's legs cut off. I hate when those kids do that and I don't hate changing the password on them. I decided to get up a little earlier this morning, get on the thing and run a full scan for viruses as I have done just about everything else to it that would normally get it running back up to speed.

If the scan doesn't work, then the final alternative is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows, my usual modus operandi. But, I have a lot of pics on there that I would have to transfer to Photobucket first, so I guess I'm going to be busy today trying to get some stuff done on it. I am assuming that they have, indeed, downloaded some sort of virus or spy ware or malware, but who knows.

In the news, the Russians kicked @$$, took over a ship that had been hijacked by pirates, killed one of the pirates in the ensuing gunfight before taking all the rest of them when they gave up. Now? The Russians had to let them go because of legal loopholes. What's the answer? What do you think nations like China and Russia will do? Just kill them. I'll bet money that in the coming future, you will see less pirates taken into custody under such circumstances and more of them being killed. I'm not saying that's the best answer, I'm just saying that's probably THOSE nation's answer to such a problem. They'll say they were in a gun battle with the pirates and, "unfortunately" many of the pirates were killed in the battle.

I think those pirates better start thinking about their lives and whether it is really worth it to risk it for the possibility of getting huge ransoms from the ship's owners. You know these companies are getting tired of having to deal with this stuff, I just think that you are going to see more and more dead pirates.

What are the long-term effects of this oil disaster going to be? It's question I have posed to myself in musing such, no answer since I am not an expert, but how much marine life has already perished because of it?

Meanwhile, I got my pond fixed and back in the ground yesterday. I will check the water level when I get home after work today, but I am fairly confident that I have found the only other leak and it should be good to go. The patching material I am using on it is very heavy duty stuff, it isn't going to just come off of it or something.

The guy living with the girl in the trailer next to my house? I think he's in the hospital. I saw him 2 days ago, he was in EXTREME pain. They were both gone when I got home yesterday and are still gone this morning. Did they move out? Highly unlikely, if I were in the pain that guy was, I would definitely be checking myself into a hospital cause I don't think Urgent Care centers are equipped to deal with stuff like that. The guy's in his 60's and has lived a very rough life. It is likely that giving him and his girl a place to live - even if in an old trailer - is something that has taken a lot of pressure off of both of them. I really can't imagine what it must be like to be perpetually homeless, I have experienced it for short periods of time and that was bad enough.

I assume this guy will start collecting Social Security benefits in a couple of years and that will be a turning point for him. A grand a month isn't much, but when you are living in abstract poverty, it's a gold mine. Do I want these people there for 2 years? Lol. Not really. I would be nice if one of them could find a job or some kind of income and get their own place. Or even rent a lot for that trailer - I know a place that will give them a space for $200 a month.

But they don't have $200 per month. They are living on food stamps; odd jobs he might find; and she sells plasma twice a week.

Well, the work day is here. I'm headed to one of the Indian Reservations today - Gila River Indian Reservation to be precise.



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