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My Computer Is Back!

I've done everything I know to do with this computer. Well, I'm still uploading videos and probably will be into tomorrow. The point is that this machine today as going SO slow, it took several minutes just to bring up my email. Yet, I had done all the things that I have learned to do to get it running back to speed - and yes, I have spent CONSIDERABLE, COPIOUS amounts of time - hundreds of hours anyway - attempting to learn all this nonsense.

I figured to reboot the computer, if that didn't do, time to start fresh.

BAM. Click on a link and it's THERE. Not click on a link and 2 minutes later it's there. I'm quite serious, I WILL re-format this computer and reload ALL of that software back on here before I will tolerate a machine that is running at a snail's pace. It might take a couple of days before all the software is installed and the thing is back on par, but it's a FAR better deal than sitting here waiting eternally for something to happen.

Figured before I deleted these off of my computer, I would show off a bit of my front yard for the world to see. I am going to take a series of pics of the property - I haven't done that in a while and I have accomplished a lot since the last update.


So, I decided to go ahead an upload all the pics I wanna save off of my computer to both Photobucket and Youtube repspectively. Saving it to a flash drive would also work, but, my intentions when I took the pics or videos was to put them on the internet. I have never heard of Photobucket crashing, and unlike JS, I would like to hope that they have everything backed up. Youtube videos probably wouldn't really bother me much if they all disappeared, it's mostly just driving junk and a few videos of the boys doing little skits. Nothing grand there.

But, if you wanna see a computer that is REALLY dragging now, just come takealookit this one, cause' all that uploading is draining this thing's resources. Shutting off video surveillance helped it a little. I'm also wondering if the excessive amount of videos I have stored on this computer isn't a portion of the problem in itself in attempting to find out what, exactly, is slowing this thing down. Once those vi…