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Room Is Rented...............

.........for a week. Well, it's nothing to snoot at, money is money. It's going straight into the power reader - tomorrow, lol as I have no inclination of going anywhere today. I have been working around the house this morning - pulling weeds, grass, adjusting things in the ponds, planting the rest of the tomato plants, cleaning up dog crap - stuff like that.

The guy that came over? Didn't want to talk about his situation, I didn't ask, he was staying in a hotel for 2 days and only needs my place for a week or possibly 2 weeks. He had a nice pickup filled with the tools of a lawn maintenance company - his own with his name on the side of the truck. That helped me to figure this guy isn't a looney bins nutcase. He paid his money and left - 3 jobs today to do.

If I could rent the room for at least another week this month, that would help tremendously. So, cross my fingers the guy ends up having to stay 2 weeks.

Also turned the neighbors in again to the City of…

Sunday/My Computer Is Not Back!

I ended this posting realizing that today is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, do something nice for yourself today (like leave the kids home and friggin' go out and have a steak or something, lol.)

All this time I spent working on this computer - and yes I definitely got the entire machine to get things done faster - I end up finding out that it's on Qwest's end of the deal. I did half a dozen speed tests last night and came up with and average around 0.37 Mbps. I just did another one on another tester: 1107 Kpbs. That's about 1 megabyte per second. I'm paying for 7. Faster than dial - but not much. I told the Qwest rep on the phone last night that their company had promised a half dozen times to come out and bury the line - for 2 years now they have promised that.

Yeah, nothing. I didn't get upset or bitchy, in fact, I was laughing. Why not? I have absolutely no intention, whatsoever, of paying full price for the las…