Monday, May 10, 2010


The Verdict?
A wire that wasn't installed correctly in the main pedestal.
THAT is why my internet wasn't working worth a crap.
It's back up to 7 mbps, I fully intend on calling Qwest and demanding at least 50% off on this month's payment considering this thing has been this way for 2 weeks now.

Live and learn - next time I have this problem check the internet speed FIRST. Here I was freakin' trying to do all this stuff to my computer thinking the kids had downloaded "something" - which has happened in the past on several occasions. I gave up on Cafe World - 10 minutes to access the game and 20 plus minutes just to get dishes cooking, that's how bad it was. Of course, finally getting back on the game again I found one neighbor had totally passed me by and waving a blithy goodbye.

I assume that person thought I wouldn't catch up to him considering he was almost 50,000 points ahead of me. Yes, well I know how to play catch up WITHOUT cheating. You simply buy the dishes to cook, prepare them and delete them. You spend a lot of money doing it - around 2,000,000 gold coins to catch up and pass that sucker - but I didn't care in this case because of circumstances that were out of my control. I have removed neighbors 3 times now that were using a cheat hack to get ahead, but, again, buying your way up isn't cheating. You can't do it forever, either, your gold coins will run out sooner or later. Good thing I still have around 4,000,000 gold coins!!

Newest, temporary tenant is a bit strange. Nothing psycho strange, just an unusual - temperament. He's only there til' Sunday, so I figure I can deal with it. He brought all of his landscaping equipment into the back last night, I forgot to warn him about the dogs. Nothing is sacred out there, especially anything "new". Yup, they started attempting to piss on his lawn mower. Good thing they aren't very good aim. They lift their leg and usually are FAR short of actually hitting what they are aiming for. I did, however, shoo them off of the stuff.

I now have 2 people attempting to talk me into buying their ponds. I had had an ad up and forgot to take it down. I was thinking about a very small pond for the front of the house - a plant only version, no fish. It would add a very cool look to that area. But, though the pond is cheap - $20 - it all adds up when you start talking about another filter and buying plants. Still, a small pond with a small waterfall would add a very cool looking effect to my jungle out front. Figure around $100 to build another filter with pump, buy the pond and put some plants in it, not including another pump for a waterfall.

Yeah, I think I will pass on that for now. I already have a waterfall to build - isn't going to cost me anything more then about 20 blocks for a retaining will and some concrete, but the work is enough in itself for now.

Well, 5 days, including today, until my 4-days off : )



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