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The Verdict?
A wire that wasn't installed correctly in the main pedestal.
THAT is why my internet wasn't working worth a crap.
It's back up to 7 mbps, I fully intend on calling Qwest and demanding at least 50% off on this month's payment considering this thing has been this way for 2 weeks now.

Live and learn - next time I have this problem check the internet speed FIRST. Here I was freakin' trying to do all this stuff to my computer thinking the kids had downloaded "something" - which has happened in the past on several occasions. I gave up on Cafe World - 10 minutes to access the game and 20 plus minutes just to get dishes cooking, that's how bad it was. Of course, finally getting back on the game again I found one neighbor had totally passed me by and waving a blithy goodbye.

I assume that person thought I wouldn't catch up to him considering he was almost 50,000 points ahead of me. Yes, well I know how to play catch up WITHOUT cheating. You …