Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Porterhouse Steak

Stopped at Fry's Food Stores on the way home from work today. I do that often. I almost always go to the meat department and see what manager's specials are going. That's meat that is going to expire in a couple of days and they need to unload it. I don't often see Porterhouse steak in that portion, in fact, today's finding was the first of such in a long time.

Porterhouse steak - especially one the size that I snagged up - does not cost $6.50.

No, it costs double or more that. Porterhouse is my most favorite steak out of all of them. It's EXTREMLY tender and tastes wonderful barely cooked. Like, bloody on the inside, lol. The rareness that I like to eat steak often grosses people out. Warm it up a little, I'm good to go.

Anyway, long day at work. Did not have a chance to stop and eat, so I went about 22 hours without eating. I blew my diet a bit on Sunday so I'm attempting to make up for it. Eating a single steak and some baked potatoes with fat free sour cream on it? NOT going to blow my diet. About 600 calories in that steak and baked potatoes have almost no fat calories. Yes, I ate around a 1,000 calorie meal, but it's the only meal today, so no biggies. I won't be hungry again after eating steak, that stuff fills me up and I won't even be thinking about food until tomorrow morning.

3 days to go to my 4-day weekend. I'm going to ask for 2 days off next month or in July as well. Memorial Day is coming up soon enough and that is a 3 day weekend. I just want some time off. Really, I'm thinking about asking for a full week off. Other drivers have taken much more time off this year than I have. I took 2 days off to get that thyroid scan which (fortunately) was a bust. Ummm, I was sick I think and took some days off for that as well. But neither of those were vacation days where you are - vacationing even IF staying at home.

Which reminds me, I need to get a copy of the schedule that shows the the locations of the houses that are going to show off their ponds at the pond expo. Take my camera, take a lot of pics. Get some ideas. I was sitting out there yesterday - I have a limited area of where to put the thing. I still can't believe SRP has a 25 FOOT easement in my back yard. Why do they need THAT much space? They DON'T is the answer. The J-box was already dug up once back there, was maybe a 4x4 hole. I am going to look into getting and amendment to that, there is absolutely no good reason for them to have that kind of an easement on my property. It means I can't build or do much of anything with it.

But, I didn't care and put up my shed back there anyway. I also planted all of those plants. But, that's ALL I have done with it. In reality, behind my house would be a great place to build a small casita/guesthouse. Not that I have the money to do any such thing right now, but it IS sitting on a shelf in my mind and I occasionally take it off the shelf to shake off the dust and give it a fresh look : )

I know where the utilities are located because they were marked when I had my house placed on this property - Their easement needs about 5 feet from the back fence, not 25 feet. It REALLY sucks to have that kind of restriction placed on YOUR own property. I didn't know anything about an easement here until after I bought the place. Considering the dilemna I was in at the time, I would have bought it anyway.

Well enough whining, I haven't even bothered to find out if you can ask them to change it so until I do that, I'm going to put a zip on it.

Cafe Word Tip 17: Zynga Allows Cheating On Cafe World

Look, I'm not a big fan of cheating in games simply so you can get ahead of everyone else. On an online game, though, the owners of the software should be able to patch any hacks that come along that allow such cheating to occur.

The cheating I am referring to is the Cheat Engine 5.5 which is used to hack into Cafe World and allows a person to set up their stoves to cook without the cook having to do anything at all. It's called a Cafe Clicker. I have reported 3 people to Zynga so far with no results whatsoever. Which is why I titled this "tip" with Zynga allowing the cheating to occur.

There is not an equal playing field for those that want to play the game legitimately and those that do not. I am getting sick of it, to the point I am considering simply quitting playing the game. I reported on some of the Cafe World messages about what's going on as well. You know what Zynga did? They suspended my "priviledge" to write messages on their board. Apparently they don't like the truth.

Well, I am going to write on MY blog and there isn't a DAMN thing they can do about that. I'm also going to spread this information out across the net. I am definitely NOT the only person that has watched another Cafe World Neighbor come from WAY behind and suddenly, in a few weeks time, not only catch up to you but blow you away and leaving gasping. HOW did they do that? I am not one to let things hang forever.

When I found out how these people are doing this, I then confronted my own ethical steadfastness: did I want to cheat as well? NO. Didn't take long to figure out what I wanted to do in this: nothing. It's a game, it has it's parameters. You're SUPPOSED to have to cook to get Cafe points and get ahead, but this hack is a glaring red thumb that sticks out to anyone that is playing the game and has seen neighbors shoot off into cyberspace in terms of their Cafe points.

It's a joke that you get on the game and a screen pops up saying check out the competition, get neighbors and all that junk. ZYNGA should be FIXING this problem and stripping those that cheated of all their points and make them start from scratch. Am I the only one that hates the cheating? Anecdotally, I can say definitely not. I have had conversations with several of my Cafe World neighbors now who also hate the cheating, don't want to use the hack and want to see Zynga stop this garbage. Oh come on, you say, it's just a little cheating.

I have found in my 46 years of living that when a person is inclined to cheat on anything, regardless of what it may be, even "just" an internet game, they probably incorporate such use across the board when it is convenient for them to do so. Cheating is an ethical issue, some would call it a moral issue.

For those Cafe World players that don't cheat, does it set well with you that this is going on and that more and more players are using this hack?

For those Cafe World players that are cheating? I have nothing to say to you. If you are cheating, it shows a part of your character. I could ask you if you feel small for engaging in such, but obviously you don't so there is context here for a discussion.

Enough of this, I'm going to eat my Porterhouse steak and baked potato with fat-free sour cream and enjoy!



17 orders on 9 stops.
This isn't a pizza delivery service I'm talking about, it's what's in our truck routing system for today. In my kind of work, that many stops is next to impossible to do in one day. Well, we'll see is all I can say about that. Certainly, I'll try : ) I smell OT in the air?!

Speaking of air, it has cooled down considerably this morning. Wow! Just when you thought the folds of earthy hell had arrived, here comes a cold front to whisk it away, if ever so temporarily.

Anyway, yesterday, I got home from work, TV on, junk, crap, yada yada, went outside, put a blanket on the ground next to the ponds and took a nice, long nap. Yes, I will be finding, sooner or later, some nice piece of outdoor furniture to put somewhere in the vicinity of those ponds as the intended effect has already be gained and I'm only half done with the setup!! Of course, a giant, black Great Dane decided to snooze next to me, and then a half Great Dane came around and laid down in the grass, followed by a third Great Dane that decided that the cement slap was for him.

Life's simple pleasures. How many of us actually engage ourselves in the simple things that life offers that don't involve having to go somewhere, put down large sums of cash and may not even be ethical to begin with? I know I have been guilty. No, I come to enjoy being more of a homebody than anything. I used to be very outgoing, parties and events and this that and the other thing. Nothing wrong with it, I guess, but it was to the exclusion of doing anything at home. I'm on the other side of that equation now and eventually? Probably find some middle ground as I am really not happy that I am not at least involved in a church somewhere.

Not blaming anyone, I just can't get past the situation that occured during the divorce almost 6 years ago now.

But I am not going into that here. NO time for it and no desire to ruin a perfectly beautiful morning thinking about such.

Instead, I'm offa here to get about the business of the day at hand.



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