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I'm Fighting........ not eat anything for the rest of the day. I ate the second of 3 free sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts this morning: a Ham Swiss Flatbread Sandwich. 350 calories with 110 of those from fat.
That isn't TERRIBLY bad, but then, my manager was suggesting "breakfast burritos" this morning after I had already eaten that sandwich. I went. I got, well I ordered a taco salad. Instead, I got nachos heaped with cheese and sour cream. I ate half of it and forced myself to stop. I'm still guessing around 700 calories for that little dream of a dish, it WAS delicious, but I had opted for a taco salad to get less junk and more good stuff.

I'm at a minimum of 1050 calories today. I KNOW the Dunkin Donuts calories because it is listed online. I figured there was around 250 calories of cheese, 200 calories of sour cream, 3 - 4 hundred calories of meat, plus chips and everything else on those nachos. I would upgrade the calorie count I ate from it to a higher level,…


Another jetliner crash? Absolutely incredible - all killed excepting a 10 year old boy. You know, I read the news in the morning online and some of it is pretty hair-raising stuff. This talk about Iran, North Korea and Syria being a new axis of evil is just that kind of thing. But - evil not only exists in this world, it is bred, raised and nurtured by people whose intentions are - evil, frankly. When I look at the president of Iran, that's exactly what I see (and hear): and evil person with ill intent. I definitely do not believe sanctions against these nations will EVER work.

They will continue on with their mission to build nuclear weapons and then....what? Blow up the earth? It is conceivable that a rogue nation such as Iran will not care what the consequences of using such a weapon are and I state that because they believe they are on God's side and the rest of us are vermin, rodent-like trash that needs to be eradicated from the earth.

3rd day of this work week an…