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Attorney General Eric Holder Has NOT Read Immigration Law..........

..........yet he has trashed it.
How do you diss a law that you haven't read, especially the United States Attorney General????!!!!????????


"Despite repeatedly voicing concerns about Arizona's new immigration enforcement law in recent weeks and threatening to challenge it, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday he has not yet read the law -- which is only 10 pages long.

"I have not had a chance to -- I've glanced at it," Holder said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing when asked had he read the state law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Holder told reporters last month that he fears the new law is subject to abuse and that the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department are in the midst of conducting a review"k

Would you "glance" at a bill that is getting the kind of negative outcry that it is, being the Attorney General of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, come out publicly and denounce the law and then, after doing…
I will be continuing with this intent on my blog for a while. This whole Immigrant Bill has been taken to extremely outrageous proportions. If WE, the State of Arizona, it's people, business and corporations and the state as a whole, dole out back to these entities that are officially pronouncing a boycott against us, WHAT THEN?

Yes, I am especially liking the find I did today on California's dependence on the energy generated by OUR nuclear generating plant. I haven't heard anyone over there saying: "THAT POWER IS BEING GENERATED IN ARIZONA BY ARIZONAN, BOYCOTT THEIR POWER TOO!!"

THAT, folks, ISN'T going to happen. Why?

..............Arizona„s Palo Verde Nuclear power plant is the largest nuclear generating facility in the United States. It has supplied clean electricity for 4 million customers in Arizona and California for the past 22 years. The plant‟s three reactors, completed in 1988, have experienced 85% to 95% availability and annually produced ~3.2 gigaw…

Arizona Immigration SB 1070 - Boycott The State Of California - Los Angeles

Okay, Los Angeles, you own a 8.70 percent share of the Arizona Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.
Does you boycott also include the exemption of using ARIZONA generated POWER??? HMMMM???
This graph found at:

Plant Operator and Ownership,* 2004 Operator Owner Share
Arizona Public Svc
Arizona Public Svc
Salt River Project
Southern California Edison Company
El Paso Electric Co
Public Service Co. of New Mexico
Southern California Public Power Auth
City of Los Angeles
Total 100
* The Pinnacle West Corporation's holdings include the Palo Verde Plant. Their largest affiliate, Arizona Public Service (APS) is the operator and co-owner.

It seems California has an over 31% owned interest in the Palo Verde Nuclear plant.


What are they going to do, BAN the electricity …

Arizona Immigration SB 1070 - Boycott The State Of California

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I have had enough of this hype and hysteria over boycotting our great state - Arizona.
The state of California is the most outspoken state yet with cities all over officially boycotting the state of Arizona, and now an outspoken senator from that state wanting the ENTIRE state to boycott AZ. The latest city being Los Angeles.

It's time to turn the tables. Let's begin with shutting off the power coming from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Plant located about 70 or so miles west of Phoenix, Arizona, IN Arizona. California is HEAVILY reliant on that power coming from that power plant. You want to talk about rolling blackouts as California experienced several years ago? Shut THAT power off and there they go again. That will be my main focus and I am going to write the governor, senators, ops columns, voice it in comments at the bottoms of news…

Is It Thursday Already?

So, the "great" city of Los Angeles has boycotted Arizona. You know? What goes around comes around. It will end up right back on their lap in one form or another. Apparently, Arizona has much more money going to California than CA has coming here, at least according to news reports, if WE pull out, THEY stand to lose. Should we act in kind? You're darn right we should, they want to give some kind of kneejerk reaction related to a hysteria that seems to be sweeping the country, I say let AZ respond back. But that's just me.

There was only one city council-member who voted against, stating that the council really has no business in sticking it's nose into another STATE'S legal actions. Really? One person with an actual brain functioning on it's own, kudos to that city-council member. When the mob-mentality takes over, and in a very real sense that's what's going on here, people don't think for themselves. They react to what others are d…