Friday, May 14, 2010

It Finally Arrived!!

What am I going to do with it?
How will I spend it?
Where will it go?
Will I end up doing anything with it that I that will add to an extensive list of good memories?

Time off of work, that is what IT is. 2 days plus the weekend equals 4 days off.

Well I can tell you right now that I am going to that pond society tour tomorrow - not all of it, I have determined 5 homes that I will go to to view their properties and ponds. I will undoubtedly also join their club. Why not? It might be a year or more before I can actually get a "real" pond, but I like my little ponds so no big deal.

Will I go up north to get the rock for my waterfall? Dunno yet, I am thinking of another location that is about 40-50 miles from here. There is another location about 30 miles from my house that should have some nice rocks - but I am not sure about that location. Then, yet more locations - east and then north - probably a good 40 mile drive.

You see, I am not a fan of driving anymore. I hate it. I do it at work, every day, driving in city traffic, which is what has ruined my appetite for driving. Okay, admittedly, I do like driving the semi on country roads out in the middle of nowhere. I just take in whatever the scenery is and I immerse my mind in it. In city driving? You have to be alert all the time, intense, focused driving. It is draining to say the least. I could go into all of that, but it would take numerous paragraphs worth of writing and frankly, I don't feel like it. Most people do NOT understand what it is like to drive a tractor-trailer rig, but - oh well, this is not a night I am going to detail that stuff.

Still, if I took a dog or 2 with me and went out to a mountain in the desert - I am thinking of a particular area about 40 miles from my house- well, I think I could enjoy that. I could also go up to the mountains. I could take my son and he could drive on the highway after getting out of town. He might not want to go for rocks, but he would love to drive. He is attempting to learn how to drive - I am attempting to teach him.

I can think of numeous areas full of good rock near my mom's property where I could find what I need. It's all a matter of my mind: get it out of the city driving mode and I can enjoy it.

I'm not stressing the waterfall for my ponds - when it happens it happens. But, I am a very goal oriented person. Once I have made such, I will be thinking of ways to make it happen until - it happens. I do believe, regardless, that I will enjoy my time off whatever may come.

With that, I am just about to go to bed.

Early? yes. Hating it? No. I LIKE going to bed early and getting up early.




I am not sorry, really, for all the posts I have made in concern to boycotting the entire state of California as they apparently are inclined to do to us. Us Arizonans spend BILLIONS of dollars per year JUST in tourism over there alone. Now, a local businessman has stated he will pull out 1.5 million in money he spends in CA with his business. You will see more and more of this until CA's hard stance is reversed.

If they don't like the bill Arizona Immigration SB1070, FINE, argue it out, call on the Feds to sue AZ, whatever, but boycotting an entire state? WHO are you hurting? That's right, not just "white" people, but hispanics, blacks, asians - everyone that lives here!

But I'll take a breather off of that subject for a moment's time, since this blog also serves for my daily journal and get onto that. It was a very nice revelation to find out that I CAN take rocks off of Tonto forest land without a permit, I just can't take that MANY rocks. I am assuming the intent is to keep people from messing with the eco-system, the balance of nature and not going in there digging up huge plots of land to unearth rocks. I only intend on taking rocks that are already unearthed - and I don't need that much to boot. I'm not building Niagra Falls, I'm just building a small waterfall in back yard, lol.

I just didn't want to be standing there putting rocks into the trunk of my car and have a DOT officer or a Forestry Ranger come up and put handcuffs on me.

FINALLY Friday - well actually, this week has passed by very quickly. Work days have been busy and I always keep myself busy at home.

The ex wrote me an email to my company account and informed an old - well used-to-be friend had passed and gone on to be with the Lord. I haven't seen her in many years. I remember quite some time back she was going through cancer treatment, I sort of helped her out a little as well as a lot of other folks in trying to help her get through it. I guess you can't really say it's "sad" that a person has gone on to be with the Lord, if you are sure that that person actually IS with the Lord.

I won't go into my religious beliefs here, I haven't got time for it - but, Jesus Christ IS Lord!!

No, the work day is almost here and I must be about the company's business.



Boycott San Diego And Anaheim

Heya, San Diego, do you like the hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent in your city, each and every year, by the 2,000,000 (that's TWO MILLION) visitors that come from ARIZONA?

It's a well known fact that Arizonans and especially Phoenicians LOVE to escape the desert heat and take trips to San Diego to cool off on the beaches. That's hotel, entertainment, food, related support institutions.

Since it appears the entire state of California is jumping on this "Boycott Arizona" bandwagon, let's BOYCOTT THEM! Don't go to San Diego this year to cool off, instead, take a trip to Colorado and go on a white water river rafting adventure. It's GREAT fun and is really something everyone should have on their "things to do before I die" list.

Heck, Arizona has it's own white water river rafting - through the Grand Canyon and also through the Salt River Canyons.

While we're at it, let's stop going to Disneyland; Six Flags Magic Mountain; SeaWorld San Diego; LegoLand; and all the rest of these giant amusement parks that Arizonans flock to every year to get away from the heat and enjoy a good time with your families.

Good luck with that, California, I do believe this boycott nonsense is going to come back and slap you smack dab right in the face.


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