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Pond Revisited

Yes, well I will be visiting the pond situation frequently.

I carried the large rocks I acquired from Miami in the rock yard up there into the side yard and placed them next to the pond.

Enough? No. But couple those rocks with some of the larger rocks I acquired from the side of the road near Superior plus the large rocks I have been unearthing for quite some time every time I plant a plant or dug out the holes for these ponds?

I just might have enough. Construction will begin tomorrow. Acquisition of the block I need for a retaining wall will occur tomorrow morning early and the cement. This is cheap stuff here. There will be block right next to the pond as well. I can put the rather large and heavy boulder that I intend to use as the final falls on the block instead of the plastic liner for the overhang that will have water pouring into the upper pond.

I really don't want to drive clear anywhere for any more rocks and I am fairly certain I can make this work. In fact, I …

Arizona Immigration SB 1070 - New And Alarming Information

Watch the video at that link. It's a news station out of Atlanta doing a story on the kinds of people that are crossing OUR border in ARIZONA. Names of people? From Iran; Yemen; Afghanistan; the Hezbollah; Egypt; Iraq; Pakistan and the Sudan.

Does ANY of this alarm you at all? Nations that sponsor or support terrorism.

THIS kind of reporting puts a TOTALLY new face to this border issue. Terrorists entering our country from what amounts to a virtually unprotected border? And the Feds KNOW about this? And have done virtually NOTHING to stop it?

Excuse my language before I even write it, but this is total BULLSHIT!!


Went to 3 houses. I had no desire to fight heavy, Saturday traffic all over the place, 3 was enough. The first house was absolutely incredible. They had a HUGE back yard filled with mature, very tall trees. The ponds were incredible as well - though they didn't do the work themselves. These were very rich people, very nice too, not dissing their wealth, but they were well out of my "league".

Not that I won't end up with a somewhat similar situation on my property - in about 10 years after the trees and plants mature, but I got some great ideas not only for ponding but also about trees. I had no idea an Australian Bottleneck tree could survive and thrive here. They also has very tall Ash - beautiful trees, only problem with them is they require a lot of water. The shade effect, though, is pretty awesome. I could see 3 or 4 of those bottle trees around my property. Mostly, my property has Sissoo trees, a very hardy tree that can withstand the Arizona temps sin…


Yesterday, I came home to find one of my ponds half emptied. Upon closer inspection, one of the tubes had come out of the bio filter and had pumped the water onto the ground. The pump was clogged up (thankfully) or it would have pumped ALL the water out.

Fortunately no damage to the plants. I do not have a permanent setup with that filter yet and it will stay that way until I get a waterfall constructed. I do not need a giant waterfall and have no plans on constructing some huge affair, but I still need minimal amount of rock to do it with.

I'll be attempting to get the rest of the rock I need sometime during the next 4 days that I have off. Whether out in the desert, up in the mountains - whatever, I want to get on with this project already.

Currently uploading pics and such from my camera so I can empty it out and have a full card's worth of memory to take pics of the ponds I am about to go visit. The pond tour is today and starts in about an hour. I figure to see 3…