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So, I went and got some pretty good-sized gold fish from a person that has a pond in Sun Lakes.
He was giving them away. He had both Koi and goldfish, I would have liked to have gotten at least 1 Koi - but when I got to his house, another person was already there that also wanted Koi. They were hiding big-time. The owner greeted me and stated that they were not coming out and blamed it on Herring that were flying in and eating the fish.

I did not bother to correct the man - Herring is a fish; Heron is the bird that flies around these parts eating fish out of people's ponds. If you don't believe me, you are welcomed to look it up and correct me if I am wrong.

Regardless, the fish, over the years, had multiplied and he wanted to get rid of some of them to individuals. I've seen Koi going for big bucks. He has 24" inch "plus" sized Koi that he could have sold for a good deal of money. Not. Just wanted to give them out, big heart, nice guy, reminded me of m…


........I have several Blogger accounts. I reset defaults for Explorer, which comletely cleared my cached history, which left me wondering just WHICH password it is to gain access to THIS account. I don't even remember starting up those other blogger accounts, which only have a few posts on them anyway. Well, whatever, just that this account is linked with a totally different email account that I never use - but am glad I still have or I wouldn't have found any way whatsoever to get back HERE! Anyway, I'm going outside in a bit to start work on the waterfall.

Strike that, I'm going to Home Depot in a bit to get cement to bring back here to start work on the waterfall. Let me also add here that WHERE I am going to put the waterfall is up in the air at this point. I had one place set to put it, but I felt that it possibly would not have enough room - so - I may be sitting out there, looking at these ponds and wondering just where AM I going to build this thing? Not sure …