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Day 3, tomorrow the final day.
Not an extended deal and frankly, I am asking for at least 3 work days off next month or the month after. Time off is a GOOD thing. I have the rest of today and tomorrow and then back to work on Wednesday.

This morning, I went to work. Installed all 4 posts in the ground with post-hole cement. Won't be able to do anything more on that until the cement is completely dried. I then started situating the rocks on the lower pond. A waterfall can be on either the upper or lower pond, a pump supplies the waterfall with it's water, therefore, where you place it is irrelevant.

I changed the location because my first location simply was too cramped for room.
I could not, however, decide how to construct, even though I have spent many hours looking at pics and thinking about how I want to do it. I think I have finally decided how I want to do it and in the morning I will beging what looks to be a rather long process of building the thing. Simply b…