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The Prescription For Your PC Problems

I was reading an article on AOL that had that title: The prescription for your PC problems.
They are advocating a "health care plan" - some sort of paid-in advance plan to have your PC under coverage for when something goes wrong.

Here is the list of potential problems:
"For example, here’s a list of computer repairs and tasks many people will do over the course of a year:

- Add a new printer
- Remove a virus
- Install and troubleshoot new software
- Improve your computer’s performance
- Add and configure a compatible device – for example, a scanner or webcam"

I'll take it from benb's perspective in order.

Add a new printer. Are you kidding? Adding a new printer is EASY, even if you don't get the software that comes with it. You can ALWAYS find the software online, it is a very simple process, I would NEVER pay to have this software installed.

Remove a virus. DEFINITELY something that has given me problems. There are lots of programs available online to sc…

Tuesday Final

I must admit I am looking for a much larger, pre-formed pond to seal the deal on this setup.
I don't have to admit to anyone that has read me for a while that I am looking for very, very cheap.
My thinking: It will be a long, long time before I can afford the big, liner-formed pond that I want. It is just out of reach right now and I don't see any changes anytime soon.
Well, I may have struck gold-dirt.
I put an ad on for one. Nothing hurts to try. There is one guy that has had 2 ads on CL - Craigslist - forever. He only recently came down by $20 on one pond with a waterfall. He's WAY out of touch. People simply aren't getting that much money for that stuff on CL.
The other ad? At least 1,000 gallons worth of ponds and filters and pumps and tubing - he wants $500 for all of it.
Again, it may be worth a LOT more than that, but - no-one is biting. We are in a recession. What you might have got for something 2-1/2 years ago doesn't apply today. It simply …

Napolitano Admits To Not Reading SB1070

Another mindless, mouthy, arrogant, crass and stupid politician, Janet Napolitano (do NOT confuse that name with Arizona's Governor: Janet Brewer), has admitted that she has NOT read the Arizona Immigration bill, even though she has HARSHLY criticized it.

We have idiots running our nation.

I don't know how else to put it.
Pics are not in order! Oh well. End of project - make sure dogs are out of east side of house and gate is closed. I had wondered, when I set up that fence, whether I would hate having had put it up in the long run. Definitive answer: NO!! I LOVE that fence and gate, one of the best ideas I have had. The dogs are not getting into stuff as much as they used to, but still.

Not yet finished product.

Ummm, if don't want the sides of your cement to look craggly and stupid, you must tap it all the way up and down for a while - tap the wood that is holding it that is, so the concrete comes flush with the wood.

My exercise in tapping continued.

When mixing concrete, be SURE you know where you are going to do your cleanout - that is, washing out your wheelbarrow and whatever tools you used - BEFORE you mix the first bag of cement. I learned that a LONG time ago.

Click on the pic for larger view, you might be able to see the rather large goldfish.

Remember to close the gate! I had the 2 bags of &q…

Final Day

As I had thought - after I had already asked for the time off - I should have asked for 3 days off instead of two.
Well, huge deal - I can deal with a 3-day work week. Sometime soon is Memorial Day Weekend and that will be 3 days off as well.

Regardless, I am headed over to a Maricopa County location in southwest Phoenix in a little while to get some Mosquito fish - free. I like the free stuff, lol. These things eat flies, apparently. A pond can be a breeding grounds for mosquitos - but not if there are little fishies in the pond that like to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'll only need 2 per pond, I'm thinking, every says they multiply in numbers quickly.

The cement for my posts has still not dried yet, I can't really finish that little project until that cement is set.

First pic: At the bottom is where I have finally determined to put the waterfall versus at the "top" of the ponds where you see some large rocks situaited.

Pic 2: I just got back from th…