Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's An Act Of War

"You want to deter the North Koreans from doing this sort of thing again, but you also don't want to start a war," said Victor Cha, the North Korea pointman in President George W. Bush's White House and now the Korea chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies."

Let me get this straight, everyone believes by proof of evidence that North Korea did, indeed, fire a torpedo on a South Korean naval vessel, yes? This is what I am reading online.

The last time I thought about it - one nation firing upon and destroying another nation's ship is an all-out act of war.

We have become a bunch of wimps, neo-tards, lemonade-bleeding, politcally correct freaks. This isn't the world I grew up in, America is fast deteriorating from the ideals that I grew up with.

I'm not very happy with what I'm seeing in the world today.

But, I"m just a guy, a guy who spent a very long day at work and it's already time for this guy to go to bed.


Wednesay/Dear Governor Janet Brewer

Dear Mrs. Brewer:
Although I fully stand behind your efforts to protect our border that runs along Mexico and I stand with you on the Arizona Immigration SB1070 bill, I will NOT be showing you the same backing for a "temporary tax".

There is NO such thing as a temporary tax. They come but they never go. Just take a look at income tax - which was labelled a temporary tax over 100 years ago. No, ma'am, I don't care if jobs are cut and services are also cut, the State of Arizona needs to learn the same fiscal responsibility as the inidividuals that live in the state have to. Simply turning to the tax generating machine every time you get into trouble is NOT something that I am prepared to live with and will DEFINITELY be voting NO on.

Thank you for your time, and please let us know how you are going to deal with this fiscal shortfall, because I seriously doubt too many Arizonans are much interested in paying yet MORE taxes.


Thank God that this tax is up for public vote is all I can say about that. It is amazing, however, how many people are actually behind this new tax attempt. They have been duped into thinkiing it MUST happen because of the threat of service cuts all over the state. All well and fine, but we are taxed ENOUGH. They will have to learn to make do with what they receive just as I have had to scrape and scrap through some very tough, personal economic times that have had me wondering at times whether I was going to be able to stay in my house, keep my car and other things. No, we ALL must pay the Piper in this case.

Anyway, I am at work this morning VERY early. It's 4:43 AM right now. I am to start at 5:00 AM. I have not looked into the truck routing system, but purportedly there is more in there to do than I will have hours in the day to do it with. Dunno.
Well I just took a look. NINE deliveries. This is semi truck's worth of stuff, we're not talking a UPS truck delivering single packages. You have to see the difference, to pull that much material for that many deliveries? Well, this will be a long, long day at work, I can tell you that. Now I see why I was wanted in earlier this morning.

Too bad I slept like junk last night :( Oh well, I've been through worse. Drink my coffee, slap myself in the face and get moving. I was supposed to meet up with this guy today to see his 5X8 pond - I don't think that will be happening now. Gonna have to call him later on and let him know my situation, I would REALLY like that big ole' pond. It will cost me no more in pumps than it is already going to cost me - or filters for that matter. My ponds are slowly clearing of algae - however - I don't want the water completely clear. I would like the birds to not be able to see those fish cruising around in there. I did get the shade up on the top of the posts, I did not get any on the sides. JUST short of enough material. It's okay, I have an idea : ) ........and no, it won't be costing me any money, just using what I have.

Let me also just comment on these "new sanctions" against Iran. They won't work. Does anyone seriously believe they WILL? If they had SERIOUS teeth to them, MAYBE, but when Russia and China are opposing big-time sanctions, it's not gonna happen.

Israel had something to say about that this morning on the news on the way to work. Look, I haven't heard them say:"Yes, we're going to engage in a pre-emptive strike" - but they might as WELL have said it without saying it. If you were Israel and you had a nation not too terribly far away making all the threats that that nation has made against your nation and then find out that nation is making bombs that could destroy your nation and thusly, carry out the threats they are making, what would you do? Sit around drinking tea and eating crumpets and wait for the nuke-tipped warhead to take your life out?

I didn't think so. Iran's posturing with all of these war-games is not going to stop a nation like Israel from taking out Iran's nuclear facilities, period. It's going to happen, folks, I believe it. Not necessarily against it, either, as long as it's contained to nuclear facilities and leaves the general population alone. Israel is well acquainted with war, has all the necessary tools and "machinery" they need and frankly, would never have to leave home to send off missiles that would take Iran's new toys out of any near-future action(okay, I'm guessing that Israel has the necessary missiles and technology to simply send them sailing over there without a single of their airplanes having to do much of anything).

Whatever. It plays out as it plays out. Meanwhile, the female tenant is watching some friend's home. The friend is giving her $50 per day to do it. I think she said the friend has like 11 dogs, and cats and birds and horses and all kinds of stuff - she will definitely be earning her pay over there. I was somewhat surprised that she came home yesterday to pay me that week's rent. I will not turn it down, either, simply because she won't be there (as many people seem to think in renting rooms, they aren't there so they shouldn't have to pay) doesn't mean she is not occupying the room.

The trailer tenants called yesterday and were also very concerned about keeping that trailer, notwithstanding the fact that it sounds like he may be another week off from coming back. I gave him some peace on that subject, I wasn't out shopping for new trailer tenants and after those people leave - whenever that may occur who knows - I probably won't be looking to refill the thing with more bodies.

Work day is here, I must be about the company's business.



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