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Almost Here

"When you see something interesting, take pics!!"
My explanation to the site foreman after the truck was unloaded, yes, at that site right next to that huge array of giant satellite dishes. Dish Network. I would have to guess a main location with that much money in dishes and related equipment sitting there. I couldn't possibly guess what that array of dishes must cost, so I won't. It reminding me of the movie Contact where they are using that dish array in New Mexico - I have passed by there many times in the past and actually stopped the semi on the side of the road to get out and gawk.

I have no idea how the technology works, so I can't comment with any experience or knowledge. I can only say that that is a LOT of dishes to be bringing in satellite. Okay, I do ask why they would need satellite dishes since each user has their own satellite dish? One answer was given today, though I was no quite sure of the accuracy of the answer: at least one dish is "sh…


Yesterday was a very long day at work - at least not normal for my hours any more at 10-1/2 hours, non-stop, all day long, running all over the place making delivery after delivery, loading and unloading the truck fully 3 times. This isn't a pickup truck, it's a semi with a 48' flatbed trailer.

Regardless of the fatigue, I went home and started playing with the boulders to see how I wanted to arrange it. I ran out of steam and gave up on it after getting it halfway up.

I then watched the Suns get their @$$es handed to them on a platter by the LA Lakers and wondered if the next 2 games were going to look like that as well, because if they are, there is no point in watching any more of it.

After that comes the "revelation" that, purportedly, North Korea definitely torpedoed a South Korean Naval ship, which killed some 47 sailors a few months back. Is South Korea afraid of the North? I'm just wondering, because as I wrote last night, I don't know of too…