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Friday More

I was miserably tired when I got home from work today, so I just went into my bedroom and crashed for more than an hour.  I didn't get off work near as early as I thought I would, either.  In fact, I will have something like 3 and a half hours of "overtime" (stated that way because even with that, it won't add up to 40 hours) - anything helps right now.  No, I stayed later because of a very small delivery that just had to go out to a contractor.  No big deal to me, I always tell management that I am over my hours - if they want to continue to send me out, it's on them, not me.

I found out the other day that an inside salesman is going to be moving to Pennsylvania. The inside salesman manager was working my store yesterday and today - my manager is out of it with marital problems and having to go find another place to live (they are separating again).  So, today, I asked if they were going to replace that position or not?  "We're thinking about it". …


Just got done reading an interview that our Governor, Janet Brewer, had with - whoever it was, I never heard the name of the interviewer beforere.
"Do your job".  That is the only thing, I believe, that Arizona has been looking for, for a long time now.  Not just Obama, but definitely included in the Presidential mix since he is obviously ignoring this issue. They spent too much money on healthcare - which is NOT part of the federal mandate, so they have nothing left over for securing our borders, which is DEFINITELY a part of the job of the Federal Government to oversee and do whatever it takes.  It was amazing to read this interview and find out that NO-ONE from the Federal Government has contacted her about the bill or her repeated requests, over and over, to get something done about our wide-open borders. 

Don't want to go off on that too long - this is going to play itself out.  Other states are considering adopting their own version of this bill, what are the boyc…