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Faced with the stark reality of having to lug some wall block over here, the further thought was that I would also have to pour a footer for the block as well.
The seemingly eternal project. 
Instead of finishing this entry, I went on a 2 and a half hour work spree.  Went to Home Depot, got the block, cement and rebar.  Went to Fry's, picked up various things there.
Came home, lugged all of that stuff from the front driveway to the other side of the house.
Made and poured the footer for the retaining wall.
Cleaned most of the main bathroom - tub left to go - people were waiting to use it.
Fed the dogs, washed off urine from some of their favorite pissing places - at least that's outside, cleaned up dog poop, came in, was going to go finish the main bathroom but got sidetracked - coming here.

Tis' okay, I needed a break and some serious water, it's getting warm outside and I was glad to get that retaining wall junk done before the afternoon heat gets here.  I will not …