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Surprising Change

As summer approaches, I assumed any cool days/nights were over with.
To my great surprise, strong winds moved in today and also blew in MUCH cooler temperatures. To the point that the windows are open and it is very cool in here, and yes, I shut off the AC.

It will not last, but it is a nice parting goodbye from mother nature.

Weekend over. Going to bed. Just wanted to throw that in there.


Latest shots.  First rock is put into place - but not cemented.  This is the trial (pain in the rear) run.
Closer view of the same thing.
Even closer view.
Filled in with dirt and put smaller rocks on top of the big one(this will all have to be cemented into place onceI figure out how I want it).
Frontal view.
Missed a shot somewhere along the way here.I had the rock on the top left centered on top of the bottomrock first.  Then, I added that second rock and moved thetop rock to the side.  I'm thinking of taking the left rockand flipped it over to have a crisper falls.

In reality, I was going to go with a much larger falls until I realized what I was doing. The falls would have been disproportionate to the size of the pond it is falling into. Even this might seem a bit of over kill - oh well, I'm not turning back now. I could maximize the top of the falls when I get to that point and have a small pool of water up there. Who knows.

I'm going to be fiddling with this for a wh…


Weekends never seem to last very long. 
They come and then just poof, disappear into the thin blue air. 
I do have an agenda for today, but it means going to Home Depot
for one more bag of cement.  It will finish the back retaining wall
for the waterfall setup.  I will be doing that in a little while, this
foundation and retaining wall junk have been holding me up from
actually building the blooming thing.  I should have enough rocks
to actually build the waterfall, but to cover up everything on the sides?
No.  I hope sooner or later to get sent back up north and I can pick
up more off the side of the road somewhere along the way.

Just get the falls built and water pumping, that's my agenda, the heat is
coming and I can't put it off forever.  Not that I'm putting it off, it's just
taking an eternity to get the pre-work done.

Came out to the living room this morning to hear the TV blaring.
I am not a fan of 24 hour a day TV.  I find it quite annoying.  I did
a ver…