Monday, May 24, 2010


Okay, well coming into work, I find a message sent out to everyone from the general manager. News of people moving around from one location to another. The one that got my interest was about the inside salesman that is moving out of state. As I said in an earlier post, I put my declaration of interest in the position to the manager who is over such on Friday. I am going to look on the job board and see if that position is listed. It's a fact that almost all of the guys that are working in inside sides right now had absolutely NO previous experience when they moved into the position. Yes, they are "fluent" now but it took them quite some time to get to that point.

Do I have any chance at all? Dunno, but I can always hold out hope. The manager that was here stated that they may not even replace that position at all and just dump the work on everyone else.

Phoenix Suns won last night! Woohoo. Home court advantage made a difference. Okay, what really made the difference was Stoudemire coming out with guns blazing, he was playing and extremely aggressive game, it was obvious from the git-go and it was a much different Stoudemire than the first 2 games of this LA V Phoenix series. It paid off. Fry - needs to go home, permenantly. Lol. Holding out hope that when they go back to LA, it's a tied series.

South Korea is now, finally, making demands of NK. Obama, of whom I have regarded as a yellow-belly when it comes to war and the things of war, apparently is changing his tune concerning this situation in offering the U.S.'s full support to SK and instructing the military commanders to prepare for come what may. I give very little kudos to Obama for much of anything, but, this is one arena where I will. I personally believe we should totally pull out of Afghanistan and let that nation live in the stew it has been brewing for - ever. NK is an enemy that I would support our troops being involved with if war were declared. I am not a big fan of wars, but if we must, it must be something that IS worth the lives of our troops, because there ain't too many wars that I ever heard of where one side has everyone surviving and the other everyone dying.

I haven't heard the NK rhetoric machine pumping out it's filth, I'm sure it's just around the corner

Ponds. I have been looking at the pond ads on CL for quite some time now. The guy with the huge ponds came down in his price - still far out of my reach. Well, not far-far, but $150 is more than I can afford right now, that's all. Another guy who has 9 new ponds also came down in his price. A large pond for $65. IF they are as big as he says they are, that's a steal.

Patience is a virtue. Someone will come on there eventually having a ridiculously low price on a large pond - one did a while back but I didn't want it at the time -- just to dump the thing. That pond? It was 8 feet long. For a preformed, that's a good side and twice the size of either of my existing ponds. My existing ponds could, if I do get a bigger one, simply be used as water plant ponds. Once the plants mature, it is a very eye-catching sight. Plus they will have that nice waterfall - if I ever get done with it, lol.

My son's birthday today. He turns 17. It is a 2-sided coin in seeing him grow up. One side says, wow, where did all that time fly off to, the other says, yes, he's going to off to college! I love my son, yes. Great kid.

I went and looked at an apartment for my friends that are returning to Phoenix from the boonies somewhere in Indiana yesterday. Not bad - not fancy, but it is nice. It's 1/2 mile from my house. They asked me to check it, I didn't know they were planning on coming back until they said the VA hospital where they are living at is 90 miles away. Ouch. There was some bad news: Their daughter (in her 30's) has colon cancer. Man oh man. What life delivers sometimes, it's crazy. All the more impetus to get back here. She lives in Tucson, about an hour an a half drive the way they drive.

Well that's enough for one entry. It cooled down considerably overnight - 53 degrees this morning. I shut the AC off last night - if tenants complain, oh well. I am not running the AC when it's that cool. In fact, the AC won't come on anyway, the temperature will be far lower than that of the setting on the thermostat.

Anyway, have a great day!


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