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Okay, well coming into work, I find a message sent out to everyone from the general manager. News of people moving around from one location to another. The one that got my interest was about the inside salesman that is moving out of state. As I said in an earlier post, I put my declaration of interest in the position to the manager who is over such on Friday. I am going to look on the job board and see if that position is listed. It's a fact that almost all of the guys that are working in inside sides right now had absolutely NO previous experience when they moved into the position. Yes, they are "fluent" now but it took them quite some time to get to that point.

Do I have any chance at all? Dunno, but I can always hold out hope. The manager that was here stated that they may not even replace that position at all and just dump the work on everyone else.

Phoenix Suns won last night! Woohoo. Home court advantage made a difference. Okay, what really made the dif…