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Feeling motivated, I went outside to start cementing in the pieces for the waterfall.
Ummm, what did I do with the last bag of cement?
Oh, yes, I already used it.
No, I don't feel like going to the store, it can wait until tomorrow.
Definitely, this waterfall is far disproportionate to the size of the ponds.
I will redeem that by having a pool at the top of the waterfall. I may actually be able to have it semi-deep - a foot anyway, and have some small fishies in there. The birds can use it as a bird-bath, eat the fish for dinner and have a great time!
Oh, well strike the eating fish part.
Still, it can definitely be a nice looking feature in itself, while aerating the water and cooling it at the same time.

It will have to be a cement lined thing - but the size of it is small enough that it won't take much cement.

However, it will also create more work, now that I think about it. To have a water feature at the top of the waterfall, I will have to also build …


So, yesterday, I pull up to a jobsite. It's a different deal - the entrance is off of the private property of another building's parking lot and/or driveway around the back.
Whatever goes on in the building, there is heavy security. Well, I didn't see the contractor anywhere, made a phone call and was informed that they already left. Okay, buy-bye. I was taking off when I saw a loader and it's operator frantically trying to get my attention.

Long story. I can't get into the site. I can do a lot of things with a semi, but that truck was not going to fit through that space with that kind of turn. The normal truck entrance was blocked. They wanted to unload it in that driveway, fine by me.

I start unstrapping. The foreman comes driving up, telling his workers can't do it there. A security guard comes up and starts grilling me. My name, work, what am I doing, yada yada. Get done with him, the foreman comes walking up. Gets mad. Told the salesman to tel…