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2 work days left until a 3-day weekend.

An 80 year old man shoots and kills a home-invasion intrusion suspect in Chicago.

There is nothing here about this guy - the invader had a weapon, I would have no problem shooting the invader, either.

There is nothing alarming about this. Kudos to the man that shot the invader. Ex-military, I would guess he intentionally shot to kill - this invader would have undoubtedly held a grudge and come back for - more.

No, the alarming thing here is as follows:

"No charges have been filed against the homeowner, but Chicago currently has a statute outlawing the possession of handguns. Its legality is currently being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court."

How can any government entity in the U.S. have a statute or law that outlaws handguns? I have NOT seen this in ANY news outlet. QUITE the surprise. It's no wonder it's gone to the U.S. Supreme Court. The implications of the decision of the Court are tremendous. If the Supreme Cour…


Hump day - with nothing in our truck routing system.
Meaning no deliveries - yet anyway.
Meanwhile, I'm back to eBay.
Craigslist simply doesn't have what I need on there for pond
stuff. I haven't used eBay in ages, but I still have a good
feedback rating and have had the same user id for a long, long
time now.
And I have to say, I probably should have gone there long before now. The thing I started hating about eBay - quite a long time ago now - was that I was selling stuff and eBay was jacking up the fees it was charging to be able to sell.
I ended up quitting buying and selling altogether. Been quite a while since I've done any business on that forum.

So, Obama finally deploys a few troops along the border. McCain says nice, it ain't enough.
Meanwhile, the Suns were scrapping big time last night and they pulled out another win! The energy levels on that court were enough to exhaust a person just watching it! I'm guessing for a MUCH harder go back in LA,…