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Waterfall Part 4

Or is it part 5? Well whatever it is, it is at the point - tomorrow anyway - where I can actually start building the falls and not have to continue working on the prestructure.

This is the revised version of my initial plan.  To make a small pool at the top necessitates the need for the block.  I could have used rock - but for that much rock for sides and back?  No.  I am not going to wait forever to get the falls flowing.  Eventually, I will stack rock on all sides of this setup.  That is not a happening event right now.  I am hopeful for trips up north in the semi, eventually, where I can take my break time and gather up rock and fill the side box with them. 

I may remove the 2cd level of block on the tier closest to the front.  Unsure.  That second level may not be necessary.  If it isn't, it's definitely going to go away. 

Notice on the last pic - I used the remaining mortar mix to "stucco" the sides of the block - a better look than plan ole' block for now…


Thursday already!
3-day weekend in queue.
Found what I was looking for for my homemade bio filter on ebay. It's filter media - coarse on one side and fine on the other for filter the water as it passes through my setup - which I am going to change when I get this filter media. Undoubtedly, I also built that thing far too large. I mean, it works and that's not a problem, I just should have bought a much smaller container to build that setup. Oh, the filter media? $2. lol - shipping was more than the product itself.

I didn't know until yesterday that BP has live footage of the oil gushing out of the pipe at the bottom of the ocean. Amazing. Amazing the damage all that oil is causing and unknown problems for years to come.

Don't really have a lot to say this morning, more in the reflective tones today than anything.

Have a great day.