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Short saling. It's the next wave of financial chaos being forced down the American economy's throat. I hear story after story of both people I know and perfect strangers choosing the short-sale route - even though many of these people are making their payments and are capable of continuing to do so.

Who benefits from a short sale? The homeowner. That, from my perspective, is the only grouping in the mix that benefits. Everyone else is screwed. A co-worker confided to me this week that he is going to go the short-sale way. He is current on his payments but - WAY upside down on the loan. In other words, he owes far more on the house than the house is worth or will even think of being worth in any near - or possibly even distant - future.

I have struggled with the thought of doing the same thing here, since I am also upside down on the mortgage and I have been seeing that my lender is no willing to do a principle reduction. They are not, of course, constrained to do so. But, it…


BP has spent nearly 1 billion so far on this oil disaster.  Tip of the iceberg, they will end up spending much more than that before this operation is over, even if/when they get that gusher stopped.

Suns got beat last night.  Tie game going at 3 seconds left - Lakers give the ball to Kobe, misses but is picked up and shoved into the basket.  Suns are now do or die next game and if they win, next game after that. 

Whatever the case, my waterfall project marches on.  Today, I will hopefully cement in the first large rock that over hangs the pond.  Built dirt up behind it and get it read for the second tier.  Which would have to be tomorrow to give it time for the cement to set on the first rock.  Then on Sunday, 3rd tier and probably the creation of the pool of water at the top  Or not.  Haven't really determined that part yet and won't be able to until I get to that point. 

Someone from my ex wife's church is paying for Caleb - my son - to get driver's ed.  $150.  I …